The Conference Room Table

This time the adventure started with a text message before work. “Wear stockings with a dress to work again. I have an idea for today.”

Seth’s message woke my entire body. I changed what I was going to wear (slacks and a dress shirt), to a sleeveless black dress that was barely work safe. I completed the outfit with the stockings and a matching black lace bra and thong set. I couldn’t wait for him to see me.

We first crossed path’s in a hallway, but we weren’t the only ones there. He greeted me with just a friendly hello, but his eyes said a lot more. His eyes looked me up and down and took in my curves. His eyes in just a split second undressed me.

He didn’t give me any more hints about what he had in mind. He just left me with many naughty thoughts. A lunch time meeting at a nearby hotel? I’d be more than happy with another quickie in the parking garage at this point. My body was filled with lust, between my legs wet. He made it hard to focus without even saying another word.

Shortly after three, I received an email from him. “Looks like we’re going to have to work late tonight. Stop by my office at 5:30.”

The next two and a half hours my body was filled with out of control lust. It was impossible to focus on any work.

After five, I kept pretending to work while my coworkers went home. I counted down the minutes until I stood up and walked from my desk to his office on the next floor.

The building was a ghost town and that just made more thoughts through my head. His door was half open when I got there. He greeted me with a grin and a look filled with desire.

I was guessing that he wanted another blowjob at his desk, instead he stood up without saying a word and gestured for me to follow him. He led me down the hallway, he kept looking around for anyone else. No one was there, even the top executive offices were dark.

He led me past those offices to the executive conference room. “Ever since I saw you sitting across this table, I’ve wanted you. I’ve dreamed of fucking you on it.”

“I want you inside of me again.” My mind told me this was  a bad idea. Sure I hadn’t seen anyone, but that didn’t mean the building was empty. My body on the other hand, moved in to his kiss.

Our lips locked, our hands explored, all things coworkers shouldn’t do. He pushed me against the edge of the large table, his hardness pressed against me.

I couldn’t have said no now if I had to. He pushed up my dress and his look told me that he appreciated my choice of underwear. His slid his fingers between my thighs and the lace fabric, making me want to moan before he eventually pulled them to the side.

He fingered my wetness but there wasn’t any foreplay. Both our bodies were already ready. He unzipped his pants, then pushed them and his boxer briefs out of the way. He pushed me on to my back and placed his cock between my legs.

The room became another place that I would never be able to look at the same. I tried to hold back my moans, but he made it difficult. He fucked me hard like I needed. His hands were all over me, eventually pulling down the neckline of my dress and the cups of my bra to get to my breasts.

He turned me around and bent me over the table. He fucked me so hard my whole body shook and filled with pleasure. His thrusts became wild and animal like. Someone could walk in on us now and we wouldn’t be able to stop.

He came hard, deep inside of me with one long thrust. His cock throbbed, his cum flowing out. I wasn’t just his coworker, I was his cumslut. There just to make him cum and I loved it.

Our breathing was still heavy, but we both looked at each other. He pulled out and we fixed our clothes quickly. We didn’t want to extend the risk any longer than we already had.

It ended up probably being our last time together, I can’t imagine it ending with a better experience.