For readers who want to be turned on, that enjoy reading about explicit sex, blowjobs and facials, with a healthy dose of group sex thrown in.

Nine-tenths sex journal of slutty and sometimes submissive twenty-something. One-tenth a look into my hardcore erotic fiction.

What You Can Expect To Read

As far as my blog: Think along the lines of a sex journal. I’ve had a lot of moments where I wished I could share my sexual escapades, now I have a place to do that.

As far as my fiction writing: I write what I call hardcore erotica. Erotica with realistic characters set in present day. Women that like sex and men that know how to give them what they’re craving. The women have curves and the men aren’t billionaires, but they’re hot stories that will get your cock hard or panties soaked.

My fiction is based on my own x-rated adventures, slutty stories from friends, indulgences I’ve over heard and my own fantasies.

How A Good Girl Started Writing Erotica

Yes, for some reason people think I’m a good girl. Maybe because I’m more cute than sexy. Either way, I’ve been writing x-rated stories for as long as I can remember. My first awkward dance with erotica in high school, even before I lost my virginity. I wrote stories with the female lead running around with bad boys. My favorite parts to write were the sex scenes.

Some time after I lost my virginity, I started writing about it online in blog form. I wrote online not because I was looking for fame or anything like that, more so because I didn’t want to risk my mom finding it if I had written it down in a print journal.

The journal continued through part of college, gaining a few readers, but never really going anywhere.

It was in college where I started to freelance and ghost write erotica. While my roommate thought I was writing essays, I was writing sex scenes.

After college I stopped writing erotica. I had a full-time job and a busy social life. However, I missed writing erotica. I missed writing stories that turned me and hopefully the readers too.

Fast forward to today and this blog was a born. A place for me to write about my sometimes interesting sex life and for me to share the erotica I’m now writing under my own pen name.

More About Me

Some may say I’m on the vanilla side, but I say I just like sex. I’m into many things sexually, including sex in public/outdoors (especially if there’s a chance we’ll get caught), cumshots, group sex and rough sex (along the lines of anal, forced deep throat, etc). I can and like being submissive, but just in the heat of the moment. I’m far to independent for anything more than that.

When I’m not having on my back with my legs spread and I’m not writing steamy sex scenes, I’m probably asleep or at work. My day, I work at a marketing firm.

I love the outdoors: running, hiking and camping. Leads to lots of opportunities for quickies or more.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. Ask anything you want. I won’t bite…unless you’re into that sort of thing.