Valentine’s Day (Part 1)

I drove to his house wearing the lingerie and stockings under my dress. I planned to walk into his apartment, unzip the dress and let it fall to my feet.

It wasn’t our first Valentine’s Day when we were in a relationship together. I have to use the word relationship instead of something else, because currently Mark is my friend with benefits. In college, Valentine’s Day our senior year came towards the end of our short experiment as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I thought of the lingerie clinging to my body as I drove to Mark’s apartment, almost as much as I thought about that Valentine’s Day in college. It was that day that I was able to confirm he wanted something more serious then I was ready for. It started with roses delivered to my apartment that morning. At noon, he texted me to tell me that he would pick me up at six for dinner. Because he lived two hours away that semester for his internship, I was under the impression that we wouldn’t see each other that day, but would get together that following weekend. I had already made friends to go out with my girl friends and in the end I chose them over him.

The story kind of repeated again this Valentine’s Day. We’re friends with benefits, occasionally we go out on dates, but most of the time we just get together to fuck. I didn’t think he would want to do anything for Valentine’s Day and when Rachel asked me if I wanted to go out with her that night, I said yes. Then a few days later Mark asked me.

I felt extremely bad telling him no and promised that when we got together, I’d make it up to him. That’s why I had bought the new lingerie that I was wearing my dress and had plans to be the giver of all pleasure that night.

Mark had other plans. Instead of me taking off my dress as soon as I walked into his apartment, he pushed me up against the wall and started to kiss and caress me. He grinned when he felt the lace of my lingerie. I wanted to unzip the back of my dress, but couldn’t with the way he had me pinned against the wall.

I felt his cock grow hard against me and I wanted to slide to my knees so I could give him pleasure with my mouth. Or he could pull up my dress, pull the lingerie to the side and just take me right there. Either way, he was getting me very worked up and I was already unable to think of anything other than sex before I got there. I had been in a state of lust since I had put on the lingerie earlier that night. He was making it worse.

I begged him to let me suck his cock or for him to fuck me right there. He just smiled, then released me. “We have a dinner reservation that we can’t be late for.”

I thought he was joking, but he fixed his cock so that it less less visible, picked up his car keys and led me to the door. He wasn’t joking.

We took his car and he would only tell me that he had reservations a new, impossible to get into restaurant. He didn’t look mad, but said he was mad at me because I had made him reschedule it, it wasn’t easy to reschedule and the only time we could get in now was a late dinner. I hadn’t eaten, but I didn’t care about food. I didn’t care about some exclusive restaurant. Plus, I had bought the lingerie for it’s looks, not it’s comfort. It was starting to feel constricting. However, after our first Valentine’s in college and now this one, I didn’t feel like I should put up too much of an argument.

I offered to make it up to him. Along with my verbal offer, I used my hands to massage his still semi-hard cock through his pants. He didn’t stop me. I took his cock out of his pants and stroked him as he drove down the highway.

I couldn’t stop myself. I unbuckled my seat belt and leaned over to his side of the car. I didn’t tease or delay any further. I took his hardness between my lips. I ran my lip up and down his cock quickly, determined to make him cum before we got to the restaurant.

He exited the highway and I kept going. His windows were tinted and it was dark inside of the car, but I wondered if anyone could see us. That just made me even more flustered. If I had a free hand, I would’ve touched myself.

He made me stop as he parallel parked the car, but as soon as he stopped, I returned to work. I kept my lips tight around his cock and didn’t stop until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He exploded and his cum shot into my mouth, more cum than I had been expecting.

I swallowed him, then he fixed his pants and I checked myself out in the mirror. My face was red, my hair a mess and my lipstick needed to be touched up. I’m such a slut.