Late Night At Work – Office Quickie

“I’m lonely. Come entertain me at work.” It took me a half hour to work up the nerve to send that text to my boyfriend. A half hour of making sure that I was completely alone and that no one would be coming back to the office. A half while desire filled me and left my lace thong damp.

“Define entertain.” He responded within seconds. He knew what I meant. He didn’t need any further of an explanation.

I hesitated for a minute or two before responding. Then my lust and desire took over. “I’m so fucking horny.”

“Oh really? You’re so fucking naughty. I can be there in 15 minutes.”

Ten minutes later I was letting him into the building. My heart pounding as we rode the elevator up to my office. Desire filled me as I did one last check to make sure I was the last employee there, then I led him to my office.

Our arms wrapped around each other as we kissed. Our bodies pressed against each other. I could feel his hardness grow within seconds.

I turned off the light, then his jeans and boxers ended up around his ankles. I ended up on my knees in front of him. I couldn’t believe I was doing it.

I took him in my mouth, pleasing every inch of him with my tongue and lips.

I wanted to taste his cum, but we both wanted more. I needed more. I craved him inside of me.

I stood up and he bent me over the desk. He wasted no time moving my pants and my panties out of the way. It felt surreal to be half naked in my office. I knew I shouldn’t. I knew I should be more responsible. But I couldn’t help myself.

He pushed deep into my wetness and gave me what I craved. He plowed his thick, long cock deep into me, over and over. He started off slow, but soon fucked me as hard as he could. It felt so good.

We fucked like that for a few minutes, but then he sat down in my chair. I took off my pants and underwear, then joined him.

I rode his cock, dancing on top of him as we both started to breathe heavy and sweat. I started to moan, I couldn’t help myself.

Pleasure filled me as an orgasm swept through my entire body. He filled me a short time later.

I’ll never walk into my office and not think about the blowjob I gave there and the cum he filled me with. It’s made it a lot harder to concentrate at my desk.


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