The Dare (Free Preview)

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“I dare you to wear it out tonight.” Alex, my then fuck buddy or whatever you want to call him, texted after I sent him a picture of me in my new black lace and satin teddy. I planned to wear it when I went over to his condo later.

“Yeah right.” I texted back. “It’s too revealing.”

“That’s the fun part.” I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was grinning. He was like that. For him, he didn’t care what other people thought.

“It’s too much. Take a look at the pic again. I’m all boobs in it.” It literally did. It had built-in push-up bra that added at least a size or two to my already oversized cleavage.

“Oh, I’ve been looking. Think of all the ways male eyes on you if you wore that to the club tonight.” I also couldn’t hear him, but I imagined the way he said the first sentence. His deep, sensual tone. That turned me on as much as the idea of dozens of men checking me out.

“I don’t know.” Yet the judgment from other women or possibly even some of the guys made me veto the idea.

“And then instead of stopping at home first, you could just come straight to my place. Then I’ll be able to show you what I think of your new outfit.” He was also confident enough to know that even if all the guys were hitting on me, I was still going to his place.

His typed words took my breath away. However, it wasn’t until I was pre-drinking red wine with my roommate that I decided to skip the little black dress that I was planning to wear. Feeling the warm effects of the wine, I put on only the bodysuit and a tight black mini-skirt. I barely recognized myself in the mirror.

“You look hot.” My roommate said when I came out of the bedroom with my outfit on. She even lent me a pair of her “fuck me” stilettos. Another item I wouldn’t normally wear out to a club. I was more of a flat or pumps kind of girl.

More or less that’s what several guys said at the club either with their words or their eyes. I didn’t pay for a single drink that night. They all wanted to take me home and make me theirs. However, when it was time to leave I took an Uber to Alex’s.

“You look even better in person,” Alex said when he opened the door to his condo and saw me standing there.

“My boobs look like they’re about ready to pop out.” I said with a naughty grin.

“Did anyone complain?”


He looked me up and down, then kissed me with his strong powerful lips. I felt myself start to melt.

Then right in the door, in the public view, he pulled down the cups of the bodysuit to get to my nipples. I was surprised, but I wasn’t shocked.

I bit my lip as he sucked on my nipple. This was going to be a fun night. They were all fun with Alex.

“Get on your knees.” He said and I knew what he wanted.

“Right here?” I asked, hoping he would say no. But I knew he wouldn’t. It was late, but he lived in an area full of young professionals. Just getting out of the Uber, I saw another couple parking. His doorway was well-lit and not exactly hidden from that parking lot.

“Yeah, girl.” He said.

I hesitated briefly, then I kneeled in front of him. I couldn’t believe I was doing it, right on the sidewalk leading up to this front door, right in the wide open. He had the kind of effect on me. I wouldn’t do that for or with most guys. I loved sex outdoors or in public, but there’s a difference between sex outdoors and sex in places you’re likely to get spotted.

He undid his jeans just far enough to pull out his massive cock. It was already massive and he wasn’t even completely hard yet.

I ran my tongue around the tip, then stared to suck on his extra-large head. I say massive because it was too thick and too long. There’s is too much of a good thing.

A little above average is the sweet spot for me. He was far more than that. I opened my mouth as far as it would go and slid my lips down his shaft. I didn’t get far, but he let out a groan…

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