Unfulfilled Fantasies

What I fantasize most often about are experiences I’ve already done. I’ve been shared by two men more than once. I’ve joined other couples in bed. I’ve let multiple men leave their cum on me. I’ve been handcuffed and teased. I’ve enjoyed sex outdoors and in some very public places. I’m not saying, I wouldn’t do them again, because I definitely would. These are what I fantasize when I’m all alone in my bed and have a desire that I need to satisfy with my fingers or battery operated boyfriend.

However, when I think about unfulfilled, I have to dig deeper into my fantasies. Things that I don’t know if I’d ever do them.

At the top of that list is to be fucked against a hotel or any window in a high rise building, the curtains pulled wide open and my exposed body pressed against the glass. I’ve done this before, but never in a situation where I had a truly high chance of being seen. I’ve stayed in hotels where the people across the street would have a clear view into my room if I had left the curtains open. My lover behind me, fucking me hard while someone could be watching me is a huge turn on for me. I’ve always closed the curtains, some day I want to change that.

Next on that list is to wear a strap on. I’ve seen pictures online and watched videos of women wearing strap ons with their lovers, both male and female. I can’t picture who I would do that with, but I would like to see what it’s like to be the one doing the fucking. What it’s like to be the one delivering the pleasure, plunging deep inside of them and fucking them rapidly.

Finally on the list is to go to a sex club. I’ve driven by lots of swinger’s  and sex clubs. They’re hard no to come across in Florida. As I drive by one, I wonder what it would be like to go inside of one. What would I wear? A skin tight, slutty dress? Who would I see and what would I do? How far would I go?

I think what holds me back is all of these cross lines and would be hard to go back to normal afterward. What if I saw a client or coworker at the sex club? What if someone recorded me getting fucked in the hotel window and uploaded the video to the internet? How do you start the conversation with someone you want to fuck with a strap on?