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Her Boss

1. Based On A True Story

The summer between high school and college, I worked at a restaurant that was the type of restaurant that you didn’t tell your parents about. I told them I had a waitress job that summer and was glad they never asked for any details or said that they wanted to visit me at work.

It was also the type of restaurant that my boyfriend didn’t like me working at. It wasn’t Hooters, but the unofficial uniform rules required outfits that were tight, low cut, showed an ample amount of skin, and most of the women there had an above-average bra cup size.

But there were other reasons why I didn’t tell my parents and my boyfriend hated it.

Actually one other reason. The owner.

Mr. Ryan had a bit of a reputation. Even before I started working there, I knew of allegations of tax fraud. The allegations never went beyond that, but I also heard rumors that even though he was married, he slept with some of his employees.

At an invite only party at his house shortly after I started working at the restaurant, I was invited by one of my coworkers for a private party with her and the boss. He wanted a birthday present from both the same time...a blowjob. My brain said no, but my inner slut convinced me to get on my knees.

Yet, it didn’t stop there. Mr. Ryan invited me to his house when no one else was there and he tested my limits to see how slutty I was. He brought out my submissive side and we did kinky things the eighteen-year-old me never thought I would do.

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