Just Like High School – Part 2 – The Backseat

Saturday night I went out to see some girl friends of mine. Seeing him, was just a bonus. I, and probably most of the girls in my school had a crush on Chris back then. However he had a girlfriend that we all thought he was going to marry. Of course now, she’s long gone and he’s looking hot as ever.

Over a game of pool, we caught up. Most interesting fact is that he’s living in Miami now, which is a major plus if I ever get back to living in Florida. He tried to teach me how to properly hold a pool stick, something multiple guys have tried. Cliche, but a turn on to have him wrap his arms around me and hold me tight.

We ended up making out in a corner table and at that point I decided to ditch my friends. I accepted an offer from him for a ride home, but of course, we didn’t go straight home. We started making out in his car. That’s where we realized we had a problem.

“Do you have some place private we can go?” I whispered as I ran my fingers up and down his legs.

“Actually no. I’m sleeping on the couch.”

“I’d invite you back to my place, but with my family and everything…that would be kind of awkward.” I was jealous of my sister. She’s staying at a hotel this year. However, she’s also married and has a small kid now.

We made out some more. His hands went up my sweater and caressed my breasts. I thought about just giving him a blowjob. At least then I could check that off my imaginary list. However, I wanted more.

“Backseat?” I said softly.

“Why not?” We both laughed as we got out of the car and climbed into the backseat. His rental car backseat, probably cleaner than any backseat I had experienced in high school. However, it didn’t have tints and it was still a backseat. Never enough space and always a seat belt or something digging into my back.

We continued to make out, but it became more intense. He was on top of me, our bodies moving together like we were having sex…even with all of our clothes on.

Of course the clothes didn’t stay on for long. I pulled my sweater up so that he could have full access to my breasts. He pulled them out of my bra and attacked them with his mouth and hands.

My jeans and thong ended up in the front seat of the car, of course awkward as I remembered trying to get them off while sharing the backseat with another person. It wasn’t romantic, but it was hot. His jeans and boxers pushed down to his ankles and he climbed on top of me.

Seconds after that, one of the hottest guy from high school was deep inside of me. It was a backseat and some things hadn’t changed. It was uncomfortable and awkward at times, but he didn’t fuck me like a high school boy. His thrusts were hard and each movement designed for pleasure.

He lasted a lot longer than a high school boy too. After a few minutes of him on top of me, I climbed on top of him for a turn. I rode his cock as hard and fast as I could in the small space. His hands all over me, his fingers on my clit sent me overboard.

A powerful orgasm ripped through me and I had to fight to not scream out loud. It made me wish that we hooked up in high school. It made me want to see him again when we’re both in Florida.

He finished while fucking me from behind a few minutes later. He fucked me in a modified doggy style position until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pushed as deep as he could into me one last time and filled the condom with cum.

When he pulled out of me, we remembered where we were and quickly got dressed again, bringing the fantasy to an end. However, I don’t think it’ll be the last that I see of him.