Show Me How You Made Him Cum

We had just walked in the door when I slid my hand between Mark’s legs. I couldn’t wait any longer. His cock responded instantly and my body responded as I massaged his cock. My heart beating faster, desire growing between my legs.

He undid his belt, I opened up his jeans and with his help I pulled that and his boxers down to his knees. He was half hard and I made him completely hard with my hands.

He sat on the couch and I got on to my knees in front of him. I knelled between his legs, his hard cock right in front of me. I licked his thighs, kissed his shaft, but that was all of the teasing I could do. I took his hardness between my lips, first just sucking and licking his swollen head. Then moving my lips further and further down his shaft until my mouth was bobbing up and down in front of him.

My heart pounded harder, the room felt warmer as I stopped. I took my lips off of his shaft and told him something I couldn’t stop thinking about. “I hung out with another guy while you were gone.” He knew about some of the things I had done in college and when we had discussed it a few months ago, I think it turned him on. However, those were all things that I had done before we started fucking. He didn’t know about the other guys that had happened since we became friends with benefits. I didn’t have to tell him. We weren’t exclusive. We both knew that.

“What did you do?” His wasn’t angry, his tone was neutral.

I ran my tongue up and down his long, thick and very hard shaft before I told him. If I had been sober, I probably wouldn’t have told him. “I sucked his cock.”

“Is that it?”

“He fucked my tits.” I felt like a complete slut then and now. My lace panties clung to the wetness between my legs. “He came on me. Does that make you jealous?” I asked as I stroked his cock.

“No.” His answer stoic.

“Does it make you angry?”

“Not at all. It turns me on.” His answer made my mouth drop. “Show me how you made him cum.”

“I can do that.” I said with a grin. I unhooked my bra and his hands caressed my breasts. This is what I fantasized about.

I moved my body so that his cock was between my cleavage. Our eyes locked as I pressed my tits together for his pleasure. Good girls didn’t do these type of things. He treated me like a good girl, but I wanted to be a slut for him.

I moved so that his cock slid up and down in my tits. I went slow at first, feeling every inch between my soft cleavage, then faster and faster. I know most men, most people notice my tits before anything else. I’ve heard I have tits made for fucking. I have a body made for sex. I used to want to be noticed for something other than my bra size. But I enjoy sex. I like making men cum and women orgasm. There’s more to me than sex, but I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it too.

I alternated between my mouth and hands or using my tits. My body bobbing up and down in front of him, working hard to make him cum. When his cock wasn’t in my mouth, I begged for his cum.

A few moments later he closed his eyes and released himself on to me. His warm, thick cum flowed between my cleavage. Not shots of cum, more like a river flowing from his cock on to my body. More cum than I had expected, satisfying my craving for his sperm on me, actually more than satisfying it.

He looked at me and the cum on me proudly. He looked down on me dominantly. I grinned. I couldn’t help it. I was proud too. He didn’t make me feel any shame. He made me proud to be who I was. A slut.

“So it really doesn’t make you angry that I fooled around with that other guy?” I asked, hoping his answer wouldn’t change.

“Nope. It’s not like I own you. Plus, I was more than 1,000 miles away.”

“I know, but it doesn’t make you jealous?”

“Maybe a little.” He paused for a second before he continued. “However, it turns me on. It’s like my girlfriend, I mean the girl I’m fucking is a pornstar. Hearing about the other men just turns me on more.”


“I don’t know if I ever told you this, but do you remember when I was living below Jay?” Jay was a guy I slept with in college. “More than once I heard the headboard banging against the wall above me. At first it made me jealous. But I’ll admit, it also made me hard.”

“Did you jerk off?”


I licked my lips. “You’re turning me on. You should fuck me now.”


He did and afterward, I had one last question. “And do you remember that wedding I went to in Dallas?”


“I’ll have tell you about it next time.”