Caught: At The Park

This may or may not be the beginning of a series. I enjoy having sex in public/outdoors and it has to me being caught in the act a few times. This is the story of the first time.

We just wanted a place to be alone. It was a Saturday night in the middle of summer. The weather was nice, so we just drove around. We talked about a hotel room, but that would cost money. I knew of a few parking lots that offered some privacy, but for one reason or another none of those would work that night.

We ended up at the local park. There were other cars in the parking lot, so we took the blanket in my car and went for a walk into the woods. We didn’t go far, but we thought would have the space to ourselves.

We put the blanket down and at first just watched the stars. Of course being hormone fueled eighteen year olds, that innocence didn’t last for long. We soon started making out. There was some touching and feeling, but I honestly wasn’t planning on anything further that night. We had just started dating and I was kind of sleeping with someone else at the time. Plus, I wasn’t sure how alone we were.

He changed my mind when he slipped his hand into my jeans. I didn’t try to stop him. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid his hand into my thong. His fingers found my lips and made me wet.

His fingers penetrated deep inside of me. His thumb danced across my clit and along my trimmed pubic hair. He made me moan softly. He finger fucked me while we made out and it made me want to do more. He pulled down the straps of my tank top and my bra. Again, I didn’t try to stop him.

His mouth was on my nipples when I heard voices. There wasn’t enough time to do anything. I froze. He stopped what he was doing and looked in the direction of the voices.

The footsteps from the other people stopped. From my position on my back, I couldn’t see them, but I knew that they had seen us. My heart pounded. My body went warm. I felt guilty. Was it just another couple? Maybe the police?

Nothing happened. No one said anything. No one moved. Maybe it was a few minutes, maybe just a few seconds. Then I heard sounds of footsteps retreating.

“What did they see?” I whispered.

“Not sure. It was dark.”

He wasn’t sure, but I was certain they had seen everything. It made me nervous that they would get the police, so I quickly pulled my clothes back on. Then we retreated back to the car. Once we left the park, I started to relax and realized how turned on it had me. I directed him to a spot near the airport where during the day people watched the planes take off and land. At night, we had it all to ourselves.

We skipped the making out this time. I started with giving him a blowjob, but it wasn’t long before I wanted more. I took off my jeans and thong. He climbed on to my side of the car and put the seat way back. He fucked me hard until he came. The entire time I thought of the people that had seen us. I hadn’t seen them, but I knew it was a man and a woman. Were they turned on by what they had seen?

I considered myself a bit of an exhibitionist before then, but it was only teasing peeks of my body. This was more than that and I think it led to me wanting to do more in public.