My Lesbian Fuck Buddy

“Where do you want to go to next?” I asked after we left the far too crowded bar.

“My place?” Amber said like it was no big deal.


With a guy, I know what it means if we’re going back to his place. With Amber I wasn’t sure. Was it because her place was a short walk from the bar? Was it something else? I hoped it was something else.

Amber is the definition of sensuality. Guys wanted her. Other girls wanted her. I definitely wanted her. She wore tight jeans and a loose low cut top, obvious that her full breasts weren’t restricted by a bra.

But it wasn’t just her looks. It was the sexy way she talked. It was everything she talked about, without ever being too direct. It was the way she looked at me.

The question was answered inside her apartment. We weren’t just going to have a sleepover. She pulled me onto the bed and on top of her. We made out like lust filled teenagers, wild and out of control.

She rolled on top of me and set things in motion. She took off her shirt, then I took off mine. Her breasts perfectly shaped. Her skin pale and perfectly smooth.

I could’ve been happy just making out with her all night long, but I couldn’t stop myself from going for more. My hands found their way into her jeans as she kissed my neck. Her thong soaked, her pussy wet.

She made the next move. She took off my skirt and my lace thong. She didn’t tease or attempt to warm me up. I was already boiling over with desire.

She used her mouth to provide the ultimate pleasure. She knew exactly what she was doing and did so with the utmost intent. Quickly her lips and tongue made me moan. Soon I was screaming as she brought the orgasm out of me.

As soon as the orgrasm faded away, I wanted a turn to pleasure her. Instead, she climbed on top of me after taking off her jeans. We kissed, my wetness still on her lips.

She took off my bra, then, I fingered her as she sucked on my nipples. She fingered me as we made out. Our bodies moved together into pleasure. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to a woman…maybe anyone.

I orgasmed first, but her orgasm quickly followed. Her moans so sensual, so quiet but so intense as she climaxed.

I had the pleasure of making her climax with my tongue a little while later. It’ll be a long time before I get tired of hearing or feeling or orgasm.

I fell asleep in her arms a short time later.

We haven’t made official plans to see each other again, but I’m sure it won’t be long. The texts she sends me turn me on every time. I can definitely see us becoming fuck buddies.