Her First Married Man (New Kindle Story)

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After taking too long of a break from writing, I’m getting back into it.

This time I’m writing about an adventure I had back when I was still babysitting. It involves me, a sexy dad, and an offer that I couldn’t refuse.

If you like older men and younger women, you’re going to like this story. It’s the kind of story filled with lots of hot, steamy naughtiness including blowjobs, hardcore sex and lots of cum.

I had a lot of fun writing. More than once while writing, my panties became soaking wet. I think you’re going to enjoy it.

I’d love to hear what you think about it.


His fingertips gently rubbed between my lips, the thin fabric of my panties becoming wetter and wetter. I couldn’t believe that in just a few minutes, he was going to be inside of me.

He took off his dress shirt and I got my first look at his body. He had the body of a man, not the twig-like body of most guys my age. He was toned, but not overly muscular.

I bit my lip as he undid his belt, then pushed his pants and underwear down. His cock was already half-hard and I couldn’t resist reaching out and taking him in my hand. His cock felt so strong and so powerful even just partially hard.

Smoothly, he slipped out of his clothes. I licked my lips. He was ten times sexier, ten times more a man than my boyfriend.

I stroked his cock while his hands explored my body. He became rock hard in my hands. I became soaking wet. I felt so turned on.

I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth. Any other guy would have to ask me, with Mr. Davis I couldn’t wait to feel his hardness between my soft, wet lips.