Sex With A Stranger

As requested, the story of a time I had sex with a stranger. I hope you enjoy.


It was like a lot of Saturday’s night’s that summer. Myself and a group of my friends from high school packed into a car and went to one of the clubs downtown.

We had all gone to separate colleges, but when we were back into town we got back together and it was like being back in high school in some ways. In other ways, it wasn’t. We all had fake ID’s now. That changed things.

I remember going to a club with deep bass that vibrated my whole body. I danced with two guys there, not at the same time. Then my friends and I went to a bar a few blocks away. A smaller bar, packed with a crowded dance floor.

We did a round of shots, then a guy bought us another round. I had more than a buzz and wanted to dance. I ended up in the middle of the dark dance floor with one of my friends.

Almost right away, two guys start dancing with us. Within a few songs, I lost her in the crowd. There was a guy behind me. First dancing behind me, then I pulled him closer after taking a peek back.

He wrapped his arm around me and our bodies moved together. I remember the dance floor was so hot, my skin glistened with sweat. Our bodies so close, moving together like we were having sex standing up.

He became hard against my ass. I didn’t try to get away from him. If anything, I rubbed my ass against him. My brain was filled with nothing but lust and bad ideas.

His hands had been on my sides or waist, moved higher up on my sides. I didn’t stop him. My heart was pounding.

Right on the crowded dance floor, he groped me. He caressed my breasts through my tank top until I turned around to face him. We made out with his hard cock pressed against me.

At first I was thinking that I wanted to go home with him. The alcohol gave me another idea.

I grabbed his hand and led him to the women’s bathroom. “Follow me.” I said as I opened he door and peeked in.

It was empty and he followed me into a bathroom stall. We kissed again. I never knew his name. I just remember he had perfectly styled brown hair and lips designed for kissing.

In the bathroom stall he was more aggressive. He pinned me against the wall. His hands found their way first into my tank top, then my bra. My hands found his cock. I opened his jeans and boxer briefs to find his rock hard cock. I stroked him as he sucked on my nipples.

I undid my jean buttons and that was all of invite he needed. He pulled them down to my knees. My panties followed. I bent over, using the toilet for stability.

The guy I didn’t know, that I barely talked to, took me from behind. He pushed his hardness into me. He filled my wetness and right away started to fuck me hard. We were in a public place, no time to waste.

He spanked my ass. He reached around and caressed my breasts. He pulled my hair. He fucked me like he knew what he was doing. He fucked me as hard as he could. His thrusts were rapid, making my whole body shake.

Maybe it was a couple of minutes, maybe it was twenty. He pounded his cock into me until he couldn’t hold back anymore. His cock erupted and his cum shot deep into me. His warm liquid filled me.

He pulled out and we quickly got dressed. He used me and I loved every thrust. I was made for encounters like that.


Back out in the bar, he went one way. I went another way to find my friends. None of them had even realized that I wasn’t on the dance floor the whole time. I couldn’t stop thinking about feeling his cock left and the cum he left in me.