Dirty Dancing

“I didn’t plan on doing it. It just kind of happened.” I said as I positioned myself between my boyfriend’s legs.

“What happened?” He said.

“Alexis, a couple other girls she knows and I were at the club last night. I could blame the alcohol we drank that night, but that would just be making excuses.”

“Then what happened?”

“We were dancing. Some guy came up and started dancing with me.” I pulled off my boyfriend’s underwear and started to stroke his semi-hard cock. “I danced. But I kept my distance. I was just being nice.”

“Is that it?”

“No.” I lowered my head and kissed, then licked his cock. “He moved a little closer. The crowd kept me from moving away.”

“How much happened?” He didn’t sound offended or upset. I couldn’t get a read on what he was thinking.

I took his cock in my mouth. His rock hard cock and sucked on it for a few moments before I continued. “I turned around and he took that as an invitation to press his body against me. I should’ve moved away, but I really couldn’t. There were people all around us.”

I sucked on his cock again. This time my lips went further down his shaft. I did this for a minute or two before I took my mouth off of him. “I could feel him get hard against my waist.”

My boyfriend took a deep breath. I’m not sure if it was because of what I had just told him or because I lowered my lips back to his dick. “Did you like it?”

Without taking my lips off of his cock, I nodded my head yes.

“Then what happened?”

I sat up, then positioned myself on top of his hardness. I slid myself down on to him and filled me. “That’s it. He told me he wanted to take me home and that there was so many things he wanted to do to me.”

“Did you want to fuck him?”

I slid myself up and down his hard cock and nodded my head again. “But then I said goodbye. I lost sight of Melissa, so I went to go see here.”

“You’re such a slut…and a tease.” He rolled me on to my back and took control after that. He pushed his cock deep into me and pounded my pussy hard. He didn’t have to tell me how much it turned him on too.

It was while he was fucking me that I remembered my senior prom. The guy I was dating at the time didn’t like to dance. I wanted to dance, especially after the jello shots in the limo on the way there so I danced with one of my guy friends. It was the guy friend that I thought of when my boyfriend fucked me in the hotel later that night.

“Do you mind that I danced with him?”


“Does it turn you on that other guys want to fuck me?”

“Yes.” He fucked me so hard that each thrust made my whole body and bed shake.

“Would it have turned you on if I had fucked him?”

He didn’t say no. He slammed his cock wildly into me. There was no more conversation. Both of us breathing hard. With one last deep thrust he exploded into me. He filled me with his cum, what felt like the most cum that he’d ever deposited into me.


I didn’t plan on bringing up the last question. It was just the heat of the moment and maybe the wine with dinner. However, I’m glad I did. Mostly. He still hasn’t answered, but I’ve been feeling bored. I’ve craved more. I want to be a slut. I want to have fun again. Yet, I want to be his slut so I’m hoping I didn’t mess things up.