Black Friday Memories

I do whatever I can to avoid malls. I’d much rather shop online, especially on Black Friday. However, come Friday afternoon I let my sister drag me to the mall. Anything to escape extended family.

It was the mall that I hung out at, worked at, etc in high school. It brought back a lot of memories. It started with being felt up and fingered in the movie theater. I lost count of how many times I had sex in the backseat of cars in the parking lots. But what really brought back exciting memories was shopping in the clothing store where I snuck into a fitting room with my then boyfriend and we had a quickie.

Before we left, we walked by the clothing store where I used to work. I half hoped to see Dan there, even though I knew he moved on a long time ago.

Dan was the assistant manager when I worked there. He was older, but we flirted, hit on each other and in general made working there better. For the most part it was just flirting. I was sleeping with another guy there, a guy my age that worked there prat time. I heard rumors that Dan was sleeping with one of the other assistant managers, which I hoped wasn’t true because Hayley made my life miserable.

One night it was just the two of us working there. There was always supposed to be three people working there, mainly because if there was just two people it was hard to clean up at the end of the night. Maybe other reasons too.

Anyways, the night in question the other girl that was supposed to be working called in sick. It was a slow night, so Dan didn’t try to replace her.

The night was pretty normal until after we closed. I cleaned up the store, he took care of closing the registers. At some point our path’s crossed in the backroom. We stopped what we were doing, looked at each other and month’s of built up sexual tension had their way. We kissed, the type of kiss where I dropped what was in my hands and he pinned me against the wall. I ended up adding him to the tally of boys I had sex with in the backseat of a car in the parking lot that night.

However, my favorite memory happened a few months later. It was during the holiday shopping season, but this night was slow because of bad weather. Once the store was clean, Dan let the other employee go home.

I tried to not distract him while he closed the registers, but I couldn’t help myself. I was horny. I ran my fingers up and down my body, when that didn’t get his attention I did the same to him. That got his attention. His hard on became impossible to miss in his pants.

“So you started this, what are you going to do to finish this?”

“Are you serious?” I grinned. We’d had sex in stock room, on the manager’s desk and once a quickie in the bathroom during a break. However, he kept the sales floor off limits. There were no security cameras, but if someone looked in they could see everything. Well, almost everything.

I got to my knees behind the cash register and went right to work before he could change his mind. I took him in my mouth and attached my lips to his shaft. He leaned back against the counter and I worked him with my hands, mouth, tongue and lips. He took my head in his hands making me go further down on his cock and faster. I rapidly bobbed my head up and down on him, eager to make him orgasm.

I fully planned to make him cum with my mouth, but before I could he spoke. “I want to fuck you now.”

“Fitting room?”

“Right here.”

He helped me to my feet, then bent me over the counter and didn’t even stop to look around to see if anyone could watch us. He pushed my skirt up and pulled my thong to the side. He plunged his cock deep into my wetness and slammed his cock into me. He thrust hard and deep into me, drilling his cock into me. It was more power and force then I’d ever experienced with him.

His hands were all over me, eventually half taking off my shirt so that he could get to my breasts. I was holding on to the counter so that he didn’t fuck me right over to the other side. He made it impossible not to moan some.

He pounded me until he was almost there. Then he pulled out and I got on my knees for him. He stroked his cock and seconds later it exploded, sending cum all over my face. It definitely wasn’t the first time that he came on my face, that was something we did more and more often, however it was the first time outside of his apartment bedroom. I felt so slutty. It was so unexpected. His cum was hot, thick on my face. It landed from my forehead to my cheeks. Maybe the most cum that he had ever shot on to my face.

I didn’t want to clean it up, but eventually I did and we pulled our clothes back into the right places. We looked at each other and grinned. For the rest of the night, I kept saying…”I can’t believe we did that.”


I never could walk into the cash register area without thinking of that moment from then on.