My Favorite Outdoor Facial (Free Preview)

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I was recently asked by a Patreon member in a DM to tell him about my favorite facials. I wanted to share with you this story too. This one happened many years ago, but I still remember all of the details.

“What do you want to do today?” I asked Dee. We had a couple hours between when school ended and when I had to get to my part-time job.

“The weather’s nice.” He answered in a way that made me think he was contemplating suggesting that we go fishing.

“It is.” It was the warmest sunniest day yet. However, I was thinking maybe we should go back to his apartment while we had the time. I’m glad he had other ideas.

“Have you ever had sex outdoors?” He asked at a stop light.

“Maybe,” I said. I didn’t want him to know just how much of a slut I was. Although he probably had an idea that I wasn’t that sweet and innocent.

“Interesting.” He said with a grin. I already knew he wasn’t a gentleman. He wasn’t just a horny guy, he verged on being dominating. In other words, we’d only been fooling around for a week or two but had already done things I hadn’t done with other guys.

“I know a place.” He said and turned on the turn signal to take a right when the light turned green.

“That you’ve taken other girls?”

“Maybe.” He said, mocking me about my earlier answer.

Fifteen minutes later, we pulled into a park parking lot. I knew of the park but had never been there before. It was popular with joggers and runners, I wasn’t that kind of girl.

And it was popular that afternoon, we saw a dozen runners in the short distance between the parking lot and a side dirt trail. Luckily, the runners seemed to be confined to the paved trail. 

Dee led me down a dirt trail and I was nervous. We didn’t see anyone, but there wasn’t a lot of privacy. My heart was pounding. There were butterflies in my stomach. Yet there was desire between my legs.

He guided me to a place near the top of a hill, but it was hidden from anyone coming up the trail from either side by a mix of brush. He didn’t ask me if that spot was okay. I would’ve said no. Instead, he just turned me towards him and kissed me.

The kiss was electric and turned me on almost as much as his hands all over me. 

He wasn’t wasting any time. He pulled down the straps of my bra and the front of my tank top. He did it like he was an expert like he had done this with dozens of girls right in this spot.

He fondled my exposed breasts while I looked around to make sure no one could see us. I was petrified about getting caught. He had no inhibitions. He kissed my neck and slid his hand into my shorts. I wanted to tell him to slow down but didn’t want to be there too long and increase the chances of us getting caught.

He took my hand and put it on his cock. Through his jeans, I could feel his hardness. I was so turned on but so nervous.

Our eyes locked and I could feel his intense lust. I was scared, but I wanted to please and pleasure him.

I lowered myself to one knee. With my knee resting on the dirt path, I opened up his jeans. I pulled his jeans and his boxers down just far enough to get to his cock. His already rock-hard, thick cock.

He was ready for my mouth. I told myself just a blowjob. We wouldn’t get caught if we were quick. I opened my mouth wide and took the tip between my lips.

I wrapped my soft, wet lips around his hardness and started to slide them further and further down his shaft. I’d given blowjobs outside, but usually at night or in a secluded spot, or a combination of both. This felt like we were out in the wide open.

I held his strong cock in one hand and slid my lips up and down his shaft. He put his hand on the back of my head. It was like what he had done when I gave him a blowjob for the first time while he sat on his living room couch. Or more recently when I gave him head on his bed a few nights ago…

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