Anna And The Fireworks

Anna and I have been friends since college. We worked together in the same bar our senior year and had a few classes together, however our friendship started for another reason. There was a point where I was single and most of my friends were not. She was in the same boat and we liked to visit the same bars, clubs and other similar establishments to hunt men.

I’ve never seen her having any trouble find any men. She’s beautiful, like a model. She’s blonde, tall, thin but with full, perky breasts and a thick round ass. Guys fight for her attention.

I’ve seen her naked both in my bedroom (we were changing clothes before a night out) and on stage (she’s an exotic dancer). Of course, I think she’s attractive, but not in that way. At least not until our private pool party experience earlier this summer.

Since then I’ll admit, I’ve had thoughts of her late at night. I’ve been with women before, but this is different. I crave her the way I crave cock. I want to experience her one on one, but I didn’t tell her or even show any signs of my new lust for her.

Forth of July we were at the same pool party. This was a very different one from the last besides the fact that it happened on daylight. There were many more people and none of them topless.

When she arrived, she was the center of attention, however, she did make her way over to my lounge chair to talk to me. The whole time we talked, I fantasized about her without her bikini bottom and my lips between her tan legs.

Unfortunately, our time together was short lived. A guy stole her away from me. Not that I can blame her. He was wearing only swim trunks and had the body that would make me melt.

As the day turned into night, I watched as she flirted with that guy and other men. She smiled at me a few times, but never made it back over to my direction.

It wasn’t the end of the world. It was just a fantasy for me that something would ever happen again. Reality was that a former fuck buddy, Chris showed up and gave me the attention I craved. (He was the guy from the hiking trail blowjob.)

Things kind of faded out with us, but against my better judgement (and I’ll blame several hours of day drinking), things started to heat up with us again. It started with kissing in the pool. It ended with a quick fuck before the fireworks between cars in the condo complex parking lot.

He left after that and I planned to do the same after retrieving my bag from inside the party. I was about to leave when Anna cut me off in the kitchen.

“Don’t go.” She said.

“I’m tired. Had a little too much to drink earlier and I don’t want my buzz to turn into a hangover.”

“Stay for the fireworks, then we’ll ride back together.” The way she looked at me re-ignited my fantasy and stopped me from wanting to leave.

The condo had a second story view that looked out over the bay. The oversized balcony was a perfect place to watch the fireworks.

A man had her arm wrapped around Anna, but during the fireworks she brushed her hand on my thighs. She traced her fingers on my bare side. Desire filled me, but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. She clearly had someone already scheduled to share her bed that night.

However, when the fireworks ended she confirmed that she wanted to ride home with me. She left the guy with a kiss, then joined me in an Uber back to our side of the city.

The car’s air conditioner was on, but it started to get very hot. She put her hand on my bare thigh and slid it to the bottom of my jean shorts.

I looked at her and she leaned over to whisper into my ear. “My roommate has some friends over, but I’m tired. Can I crash at your place tonight?”

“Of course.” Her hand on me said something different, but either way I had a large enough bed for both of us. It’s not like we hadn’t slept in the same bed dozens of times before. However, this trip back to my apartment felt different.

Inside, alone, she confirmed it was different. She first said it with her eyes. Then she took my hand and led me to my bedroom. There she took off my clothes, then hers. We didn’t say much, we didn’t need to.

The cool air on my exposed skin contrasted to the warmth of her mouth. She explored me with her hands, tongue and lips. Occasionally her teeth too.

I ended up on my back, her on top of me. We made out as our hands gently caressed each other. I started to melt with desire.

Her soft mouth found my nipples, then her tongue danced across my stomach.

This time I stopped her. “You don’t have to. I had sex with Chris tonight.”

“You dirty girl.” She said with a smile. “I didn’t even see you disappear with him.”

She didn’t stop. She kept going until her face was between my legs. She kissed my thighs and my fantasy became reality.

She licked my lips and it brought back memories of the pool party. She then preceded to make new memories with her mouth, tongue and fingers.

Could she taste Chris? If she did, she didn’t say anything.

Our eyes locked as she made me moan. She knew exactly what she was doing to make me moan more and more.

She didn’t race to make me orgasm. She took her time. At times she teased me. At times she gave me so much pleasure it almost hurt. She didn’t stop until that orgasm over took me, filling me with fireworks of pleasure.

I giggled as the orgasm faded away and I was ready to finally return the favor. This time she didn’t deny me. She laid down on her back and I rolled between her long legs.

I licked her thighs and she grinned. I kissed her bare waist and she whispered, “Stop teasing me.”

I kissed her hips, then moved between her legs. It was exactly as I had fantasized.

Her moans started as I kissed her lips. Her breathing became heavy as my tongue dived between her lips.

I’m probably not as experienced as her, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do to her. It started with my tongue on her clit. She opened her legs further for me and pulled my head closer to her. I also used my fingers to fuck her at the same time.

Part of me couldn’t believe she was in my bed like this. Part of me wondered about all of the fun we could have together.

Her moans became cries as her orgasm erupted within her. Her body went stiff, then released.

I looked at her, she looked at me and we both smiled. I climbed into her arms and we kissed softly.