Halloween Night – Two Erotic Stories (Excerpt)

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love it all from watching scary movies, visiting haunted houses, and of course the costume parties. It all leads to a lot of sex and sometimes some really naughty stories.

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The first took place in high school and I’m calling it The Haunted Building.

Finding a place to have sex when you still live at home with your parents is easier said than done. It led to some very unusual places, yet none compared to the one October night when my then-boyfriend and I explored a hotel resort turned psychiatric center that had gone abandoned. We thought that we were alone, but we heard noises other than my moaning and his heavy breathing that said otherwise.

The second story is called…Halloween Threesome and it took place in college.

I didn’t plan on going out that Halloween. After a sudden breakup, I just wanted to hide away in my dorm room, eating ice cream, and watching guilty pleasure television. Yet, my roommate convinced me to put on a sexy costume that was basically lingerie and go find my crush at a party.

Unfortunately by the time I found him, he had already found someone else. Yet, I found a sexy pirate and airforce pilot to keep me entertained. 


“Do you want to go to a bar in town?” Jack asked after we heard a rumor going around that the kegs were empty.

“I don’t have a fake,” I said with a frown, referring to my lack of a drivers’ license that said I was over 21. Sara was a redhead but had gotten an old ID of a blonde from one of Chad’s friends. She said that I needed to get one too. I joked that it was probably her tits that got her in, more than the ID.

“Not a problem,” Rick said. “One of our teammates works the door at The Lion.”

I thought about it for a second. I was tired and had enough of the crowds. “Maybe another night. I think I’ve had enough.” I said while raising my red plastic cup. “I don’t want anyone taking advantage of me.” Although I did, either one of them. There was no denying, the lack of sex, the alcohol I had consumed that night, the outfit I was wearing, I was horny.

“Can we walk you back to your dorm?” Jack offered.

I looked around at the thinning crowd. Sara was nowhere in sight to ask for a ride home. She was probably upstairs in Chad’s bedroom. If she wasn’t yet, she would be soon. Not that she should be driving either, I had last seen her double fisting jello shots in the kitchen. 

“Yeah,” I said, “That would be great.” I hadn’t really thought about how I would get home, especially since I was in heels and my coat was locked in Sara’s car. Walking home by myself really wasn’t an option.

Jack loaned me his pirate jacket and while it wasn’t as quick as driving, we made it back to my dorm with me only stumbling in my heels once.

They walked me up to my room and the three of us stood in the hallway in front of my door.

“Here’s your jacket,” I said as I handed it back to Jack. “You guys going to go to the bar now?”

“Um,” Jack said.

“Yeah,” Rick said, but not sounding one hundred percent about it.

Things became awkward. It was like they were both waiting around for a good night kiss. If I had been alone with either of them, I would’ve invited either one of them into my room. I was so horny. I knew that as soon as I was alone, I was going to take out my dildo from its hiding spot in the back of my panty drawer. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, but it would have to satisfy me for the night. At least that was my first thought. However, my inner slut started to think naughty thoughts. I imagined inviting both of them in. I had been involved in a small number of threesomes in high school. Yet, I had told myself that in college I wasn’t going to do anything like that when I had a brand new, squeaky clean reputation. Yet I was so horny and the way they looked at me.

“This is a really bad idea,” I said.

“What’s a bad idea?” Jack asked.”

“I’m so fucking horny,” I said, the inner slut, my lusts and desires taking over my thoughts and overruling my brain. “I need some cock.”

“I think we can help with that,” Rick said.

“I agree,” Jack said while nodding his head.

I looked up and down the long hallway and after making sure no one would see, then I unlocked the door and the three of us entered. I made sure to lock the chain just in case Sara didn’t spend the night at Chad.

As soon as the door was locked, I had two sets of hands all over me. My body was violated by their touches, no part of me was safe – my breasts, my ass, even between my legs. It was overwhelming but I loved it. I felt the desires, the cravings growing between my legs. Of course, I wasn’t the only one turned on and I can’t say I was innocent by any means. I put my hand between their legs and found them both in a rock-hard state.

We were only in the room for a minute or two before I was on my bed and they took off my clothes. The top of the teddy was pulled down by one guy and the other sucked on my nipples. The teddy was pulled all the way off and Jack started to finger my wetness. The mouth on my nipples, the fingers inside of me, was more than enough to make me moan. I closed my eyes as their hands and mouths explored my body. They took off my heels and my cat ears fell off as I squirmed around on the bed. I was horny before now I needed to be fucked and used.

When I opened my eyes, I wasn’t the only one naked. Both of them were too and I felt my mouth water looking at their muscular physiques and excited by the two large cocks pointed at me. 

Rick positioned himself between my legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. I held my breath as he pushed his cock deep inside of my wet cunt. Before he had more than the tip in, Jack put his cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and took him inside it, while Rick pushed deep into my pussy. I felt like a slut. I felt dirty and afraid someone would find out what I was doing. Yet, at the same time incredibly turned on and feeling like I was satisfying my cravings and desires.

I sucked on Jack’s cock while Rick fucked me. My tiny dorm room bed was barely big enough for the three of us. I felt completely full and completely alive. 

They switched positions and I kept my legs up in the air until Jack was in position between them. Rick had been a little thicker, but Jack was definitely longer. Rick didn’t give me a lot of time to catch my breath before he pushed his cock into my mouth. 

Jack was longer and he fucked me harder. His hard thrusts made my tits bounce each time and made it difficult at times to keep Rick in my mouth. My holes were being used and I would’ve been moaning loudly if I didn’t have a cock in my mouth. The way Jack used his cock felt so good and having a cock in my mouth at the same time, sliding between my lips, just multiplied the pleasure.

They switched positions multiple times, fucking my pussy harder and harder and me working them with my mouth as much as I could. They fucked me on my back, but I loved being on my hands and knees in between them. I felt like a whore. My inner slut was out and dancing around. I enjoyed being used and pleasuring them.

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