Cum Covered Lingerie

I was browsing through my lingerie drawer for an upcoming evening with my boyfriend when in the back I found something I hadn’t seen in a long time. I had forgotten I even owned it. A sheer black lingerie set. It was a gift I received back in college, yet it still fit.

There’s a story that goes along with it. A story that starts with me coming home from a happy hour with my roommate, her boyfriend and a few of his friends and finding a package waiting on the doorstep to my apartment. The name on the address label was mine, but I wasn’t expecting anything.

Inside, I found the above described lingerie set and a card from my ex-boyfriend. I forgot the exact wording of the card, but it said something about him hoping to see me in the lingerie.

Maybe if he hadn’t dumped that past Valentine’s Day, choosing his friends back home over me. That’s after I had made restaurant reservations at his favorite restaurant, bought him the train ticket so that he could come see me and what not. Needless to say there was zero percent chance that I would ever wear that lingerie for him.

I planned on sending it back to him. However when my roommate saw what had come in the package, she suggested I keep it instead and take a picture so that he could see what I looked like in the lingerie, yet what he would never get again.

Sober, I would’ve said no. I didn’t want to give him something to enjoy. But drunk, it sounded like a good idea. I stripped out of my clothes in my bedroom and put on the lingerie.

I invited my roommate in to take a picture with my phone. She left my bedroom door open and the way that apartment was laid out, the guys had a perfect view into my room and of me. And also because of the alcohol, when my roommate she suggested it would be a better picture with the guys in the background, I agreed.

It made for a picture that really upset my ex, based on the text messages I received after I sent him the picture. It also led to a lot of guys seeing me almost naked that I probably wouldn’t have stood half naked in front of under normal circumstances. I’ll admit the looks I got from the guys made me feel really sexy even if at that point I wasn’t completely comfortable with my body, specifically my curves.

I kept the lingerie on underneath my clothes when we went back out to another bar. I had never felt so sensual wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

And at the end of the night, I did invite one of those guy’s back to my bedroom. That led to us having sex, the lingerie still on. I pulled the panties to the side and we had wild, some-what sloppy drunk sex.

As he got close, I told him that I wanted him to cum on me. Not because I didn’t want the guy to cum in me. No, I wanted another picture for my ex.

The guy came all over my panties and shot his load on to my lingerie covered stomach. I had the guy take a picture and I sent it to my ex.

Needless to say he never bought anything else for me. I’m not normally that way with ex’s, but he brought out a special side after he broke my heart on Valentine’s Day.