My Desires (Part 1) – Sex Outdoors & In Public

One of my three largest desires, fetishes, fantasies or whatever you want to call it dates back to my teenage years. The years when I didn’t always have a private place to go when teenage hormones took over.

Sure, I could have a guy over whenever my parents weren’t home. Or I could sneak him into my bedroom when my parents were asleep. However, after a date or just a night of hanging out, we’d most often end up without a set place to go.

It was then that I became very familiar with the backseats of many cars and SUVs. The most popular spot in high school was the state park near the river. We often weren’t the only ones there. Other times it would just be a parking lot like the one outside the movie theater or parking behind the office complex, not too far from my house.

In college, it wasn’t just outdoor sex. It became also sex in public. A quickie in the dorm bathroom or in the laundry room. The wildest place was in the middle of a crowded bar. I blame the mixed drinks. Either way, I sat on his lap, pulled up my dress and while people were a mere few feet away from us, I rode him until he came.

Today, those two similar desires continue. I love spending time outdoors. I run outside three or more times a week, go hiking often and camping as much as possible. All of those lead to many opportunities for a quickie under the sun with the cool breeze across my exposed skin. When it comes to public sex, I love seeing how far I can take it, without getting caught…or at least not arrested. Sex on hotel balconies, in alleys off of busy streets and the like, are all things that make my heart pound.