Cooling Down With Hot Sex By The Water

It wasn’t long before we were far behind everyone else tubing down the river that Saturday. Blame it on the frequent stops to get refreshing beer out of the cooler or maybe my frequent stops to sneak away into the woods to use the bathroom.

Or maybe there was another reason. 

It was our first date. Our original plan was bar hopping and day drinking, but with temperatures in the upper 90s and the feel like temperature lose to 110, a lazy trip down a secluded river sounded like more fun when a group of my friends told me about the plans the night before.

There was definitely some sexual desire between us. It started with explicit text messages earlier that week, with messages describing what he would do to me and me explaining how much I needed his cock.

It wasn’t long before our river journey turned naughty. Before we were even out of sight of the other tubers, he had his hands between my legs. My hands may have drifted into his shorts as soon as I saw we were alone. After a beer or two, he may have even talked me into pulling up my shirt, pulling down my bra and showing him my boobs when I wasn’t so sure we were alone.

We stopped for lunch at a sandbar on a bend of the river. We were the only ones there and after a few bites, I forgot about the food I had packed.

He sat on a log, I ended up sitting on his lap as we made out. His hands cupping me turned me on. His hard cock underneath me, making me want to do very naughty things.

“Blow me.” It wasn’t a request and he already knew how willing I was to suck cock from our text message exchanges earlier that week. I had been in full slut mood from the first text I sent to him.

I looked behind me, up and down the river, there was no one in sight. I grinned and got on my knees in front of him. “A quick one, then maybe we should try to catch up with everyone else.”

Even in the shade, the sand hot underneath me, the desire burning within me. He pushed down his shorts just enough for his cock to come out, his thick, long, practically rock hard cock.

I took him in my hands and stroked him, feeling his hardness. I kissed the top, then licked it up and down. The desire between my legs almost out of control.

“Keep an eye out for other people.” He couldn’t keep his eyes off of me and my mouth, normally a good thing, but not this time.

I took him in my mouth and sucked on his hardness. At first, just the tip of his cock was between my lips, then I slid them further and further down his shaft. I slid them further and further down until I came close to gagging.

Normally, I would’ve taken my time and savored his cock, but not this time. I slid my lips up and down his cock as fast as I could, eager to taste his cum.

Yet, he wouldn’t give it to me. “Cum for me. Cum in my mouth. Fill it with cum.” The slut in me was out of control even though it was our first date.

“Let’s fuck.”

“Will you cum?” 

“With you? It’s going to be hard not to.”

There was a lot of reasons I should’ve said no. The river was far from empty that day. We really should’ve tried to catch up to my friends. I didn’t have any condoms. But I didn’t even hesitate. I sat up and took another look up and down the river. We were still the only ones around at that moment.

I turned around and pulled my bikini to the side. I sat down on his cock and felt his hardness fill me. It was what I needed. It had been almost two weeks since the last time a guy had been inside of me and that had felt like two years.

I bounced up and down on his thick cock. It filled me perfectly and filled my entire body with pleasure. It was what I needed and then some.

I moaned. He grunted. Both of us were quickly breathing hard and sweating.

He didn’t disappoint. I climaxed as he played with my tits. A powerful orgasm. He came inside of me, filling me with his hot load of sperm a minute or two later.

I think we both could’ve gone for more, but there were now voices. No one in sight yet, but we quickly got our clothes back in their proper positions and tried to act like nothing happened. 

“Let’s fuck.”