Sex In A Crowded Bar

Public sex at one point was a necessity when there was nowhere private avaiable. Late night quickies in the backseats of cars in high school. Sex in parks when the weather was warm.

At some point it became less of a necessity and more of something for fun. A turn on. The chance of getting caught makes my heart pound and the thin lace fabric of my panties wet.

One public sex experience that falls into the second category is a New Years’ Eve that I had sex with a guy at a bar. Having sex with a guy from a bar isn’t too uncommon for me, especially back in college. But usually it was back at my place or his. Sometimes in the parking lot and a few times in the bathroom. This time was different.

He was a guy from a few of my classes. We flirted a lot during a group project that semester, but I never saw him outside of class until this night.

When we ran into each other at the bar, he offered to buy me a drink. Being a poor college student at the time, I didn’t say no.

We shared a few drinks together. Talking about our current classes and gossiping about some of our classmates.

Talking turned into making out. We made out at the bar, then later on the dancefloor. At first just sloppy drunk kisses, but there was definitely some desire there. The kissing became more intense, more passionate as the crowded dance floor pinned us together.

I started to sweat as the dancing became more intense, our bodies pressed together. My curves rubbing against his athletic body. I was more than turned on. Flashes of our naked flesh wrapped together flowed through my imagination. He grew hard as our bodies rubbed together, first against my waist. Then I turned around and rubbed my ass against him. He groped me through my dress as we kissed. I would’ve gone home with him right then, if it wasn’t almost midnight. 

A little before midnight, we left the dance floor to get champagne and to find our friends. We found my best friend at a table with her boyfriend. We spent the final minutes of the year with them, then I spent the first few minutes of the New Year making out with Jon. 

When I looked back across the table, my friend and her boyfriend was gone. Jon and I kept making out. 

At some point his hand found my knee, right below the hem of my dress. As we kissed, his hand slid up my bare leg, further up, higher and higher. He didn’t stop until his fingers brushed the thin fabric of my g-string. I opened my legs for him and he pressed his finger tips between my lips, running them up and down. Lust overflowed all of my thoughts.

I climbed on to his lap and our bodies became locked together. He grew hard again. His hands were all over me, touching me in ways that shouldn’t be done in public. I was so lost in the moment that it felt like we were the only two people in that part of the bar.

I couldn’t resist rubbing myself against his erection. The way I sat on him, my dress rode up and the only thing between my wet lips and his hard cock was my tiny piece of underwear, his pants and his underwear. It felt like almost nothing.

I moved to the beat of the music coming from the dance floor, dancing on top of his cock. His hands on my hips, pulling me down on to his erection. 

“I need to feel you inside of me.” I whispered into his ear. I thought about telling him to come back to my place, but my friend was visiting and I had given her and her boyfriend my bedroom. I was sleeping on the couch. I could’ve seen if we could go back to Jon’s place, but the alcohol made me do something else.

I looked around. All of the tables around us were full. The aisles around us were packed. But no one was watching us. No one was looking at us.

Using my body as a shield, I unzipped his pants. I reached into his underwear and took out his hard cock. I held my thong to the side as I slid my wet lips on to his cock. He filled me and at first, neither of us moved. We just kissed.

Was I really doing this? My dress was too tight, not long enough to hide what we were doing. If anyone looked, it was possible that they might see, but I was too horny that I almost didn’t care.

I started to move slowly on his cock, riding it up and down. God, it felt so good. I wanted to moan, but I didn’t. I somehow controlled myself.

When no one stopped us or even seemed to notice us, I became more brazen. I started to dance up and down on his cock, moving to the beat of the music again. 

He held my waist tight and I rubbed myself against him. I leaned forward so that my tits were in his face. I wished he could’ve sucked on them or bit them, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t do anything more than cup my breasts through my dress briefly.

I stopped paying attention to the people around us until I saw someone look at us. I froze as I recognized the black polo…a bouncer. I froze and tried to act normal, which was easier said than done.

Amazingly. Luckily, he just kept walking by us with only another quick glance at the cleavage in my low cut dress.

As soon as he was out of sight, I started moving again. This time fast, but with as little movement as possible. I was on a mission.

A minute or two later, Jon spoke into my ear. “I’m almost there.”

I stopped being as careful. I went faster and faster. I rode him harder and harder. I didn’t stop until he pulled me down on to his cock. Seconds later, I could feel hot, thick liquid filling me. His cum shot into me and filled me.

I waited until I knew he was done, then we kissed again. This time softer, less intense. I climbed off of him. He quickly fixed his pants before I sat down next to him, then I pulled my underwear back in place.

I spent the right of the time that we were there, a little in shock about what I had just done. I mean, I’d done some slutty things in college, but never in a packed bar. I walked around, knowing that I had cum freshly deposited inside of me feeling like a complete slut. The new year was off to a great start.