Left All Alone In The Office

It was my first real office job. I worked for a small, family owned business. When I say family owned, 3/4 of the office was family. The family took a week long vacation, leaving three of us in the office to run things. My other two coworkers took half of the week off too, leaving me to answer the phones and to make sure there were no fires. Thursday was busy, but Friday was quiet.

It was so quiet that I had nothing to do after my lunch break except wait for the phone to ring. After an hour or so of that, I started writing. My side gig at the time was ghost writing erotic fiction ebooks.

I’ve read that when writing erotica, you shouldn’t write when you’re horny. It doesn’t work like that for me. I always get turned on while writing about sex. This time in the office was no different.

The first time, I didn’t even realize what I was doing. My hand just left the keyboard and slid between my legs, massaging the denim fabric there.

The second time, I felt my whole body becoming excited. I took a peek out into the hallway. I knew I was alone, but I wanted to confirm it. I massaged myself again, this time with more intent.

Finally, I realized I needed more. I debated calling my boyfriend of the time. He might’ve been able to leave work early and come see me. However, I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t wait.

I peeked out into the hallway again, then walked up to the front. I confirmed that the front door was locked and peeked outside into the parking lot. All clear.

With my heart pounding, I went back to my office. I’d masturbated in my car a few times on long drives, had sex in a lot of public places, but this felt like I was crossing a line that I shouldn’t cross.

Yet, I kept going. I sat back in my office chair and I undid the button on my jeans. I knew no one could see me, but the building was in a strip mall with a large glass front. I double checked to make sure no one could somehow, from some angle see me from outside.

I slid my jeans down to my knees, then looked around my office. The owner of the company was paranoid. He had several cameras in the office, but my look confirmed there were none in my little room.

I pushed my panties down and touched myself. My skin was warm. I slid my fingers between my lips, feeling the wetness.

I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t stop myself now. I needed to touch myself. I fucked myself with my fingers. I went slow at first, worried that if I went any quicker I would climax instantly. Then I realized where I was and went with a more rapid pace.

I don’t know how long I went, probably longer then I should’ve. However, I couldn’t stop until my body became so excited that it went stiff and pleasure exploded within me.

I remember leaving that day, worrying that somehow someone would’ve seen evidence of my actions on Monday. However, Monday was just like any other day and I’ll say that wasn’t the last time that I took care of myself at that desk.