All Alone In The Office

One coworker was out on vacation, another was out at a meeting and wouldn’t be coming back to the office, the third went home sick before lunch, leaving just me in the office. It’s not the first time that I’ve been all alone in our little satellite office, but this time was different.

I was just so horny. There was no particular reason why. Maybe because I hadn’t had sex for a week, but that’s nothing new lately. I’d orgasmed the night before with the help of my favorite vibrator, so it wasn’t that. Whatever it was, I couldn’t focus on work.

I ended up texting Mark, my I don’t know what to call him, maybe friends with benefits. We were planning to get together that following weekend, but I couldn’t wait that long. Luckily, he could skip out of work early and come see me.

I envisioned him coming to my office and keeping me company until five, then we could go back to my place and I could get the cock I so desperately craved. However, I found myself with my legs spread, my hands between my legs touching myself. I couldn’t help and I couldn’t wait until five.

He came into the office and I locked the main door behind him. I was ninety percent sure my coworker that was at a meeting wasn’t coming back, but I was nervous.

I led Mark back to my office and shut that door too. If a coworker did stop by the office, the closed door might be suspicious, but I took that gamble.

I drew the blinds, then I sat on the edge of my desk and pulled Mark into my arms. My desire was out of control as I kissed his strong lips and touched his toned body. There was no wait I could wait any longer and the erection that grew in his pants said he couldn’t wait any longer either.

This was a bad idea. I love my job and if HR found out, it could be bad. However, I couldn’t imagine any of my coworkers here making a big deal if I got caught. Either way, I couldn’t stop myself.

I undid the remaining buttons on my blouse, I had already undone two when he said he was on his way. His hands attacked my breasts, caressing, squeezing and turning me on more. He took my breasts out of my bra and was rough with them, eventual nibbling on them. It was more than I expected from him. I could’ve melted away right then.

When I slid down to my knees, he undid his belt and opened up his pants. I pulled them and his tight boxer briefs to his ankles. His hard, thick cock awaited my mouth. I know I should’ve been more in a rush, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to feel his cock between my lips. I craved that feeling.

I took him in my mouth, not teasing him or anything along those lines. I just took him between my lips and slid him deep into my mouth. I showed him what I could do with my mouth, tongue and hand. I looked up at him and looked down at me with pure lust.

I wanted to taste his cum, but I stopped well before he got close. I stood back up and he pulled up my skirt. His fingers almost instantly into my lace panties, then deep into my wetness. I let out a soft moan, then asked for more from him.

He pressed his body against as me we kissed again. His hard cock pushed against my waist. I sat on my desk and positioned myself for him.

His thick head pressed against my lips. He pushed into me and I closed my eyes as the feeling of pleasure spread through me. He filled me and began to fuck me.

We kissed, touched and caressed as we had sex. It was nice, it was fucking hot actually, but I wanted more. I craved to be fucked hard. I put in the request and he did, but it wasn’t until we changed positions that I got what I really wanted and needed.

I stood up and he bent me over my desk. He took me from behind, going deep inside of me. From that position he fucked me not like he wanted to be my boyfriend, but more like I was a slut, there to help him get off.

He held my waist and plowed hard into me. He made it difficult not to moan loudly and scream. He stopped holding back. His cock drilled deep inside of me and his body impacted hard with me.

He gave me the orgasm I needed, but didn’t stop until his cum flowed into me…another thing I craved.

When it was over, I turned around and smiled. I hope he fucks me like that every time.

We fixed our clothes and I forced myself to check my email one last time. Then we went back to my apartment to finish what we had started.