Valentine’s Day (Part 2)

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At the restaurant, I felt like everyone knew what I had just done outside. I had fixed my hair, touched up my lipstick, but I could still feel that my face was red. More importantly, I could still taste his cum.

I could still taste him until the waitress delivered my wine. Even after that, I had a hard time concentrating on the meal. The lingerie was too tight and too constricting. I knew no one could see what I was wearing under my dress, but every time I moved, I checked to confirm the lingerie was still hidden.

The food was delicious and worth hard to get reservations, but all I could think about was feeling Mark inside of me. By the way he looked at me through dinner, I had a feeling he was having similar thoughts.

Outside after dinner, he kissed me. I pulled him close and he pressed me against the side of his car. The kiss made me weak and made him hard. He slid his hand into my dress and felt where the top of my stockings stopped. I wanted him, but I wanted more than a quickie in the backseat of his car. I made him take me back to his place.

There, I finally got my chance to unzip the back of my dress and let it fall to the floor. The way he looked at me in the lingerie made me feel like the sexiest woman alive. Lust filled him and he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. He grabbed me and kissed me. We fell on to the couch, his rock hard cock pressed against me.

I undid his belt. He opened up his pants and pushed them down his knees. I pulled his boxers down and his thick, long cock pointed at me. I pulled the panties to the side. I didn’t need anymore foreplay than that.

I opened my legs for him, guided him into me and he filled me. His cock fits me perfectly and feels so good sliding in and out of me. His thrusts hard and fast. I expected a quickie, but he gave me more than that.

Five, maybe teen minutes later we ended up in the bedroom. My panties came off before he fucked me from behind. He pulled down the cups of the bra and caressed me as I rode him a few minutes later. We rolled around the bed sweating, breathing hard and fucking our brains out.

I orgasmed, he orgasmed and filled me with cum, but we weren’t done. We took a quick break, then I made him hard again with my mouth. He took me from behind and pushed his hard cock into my tight asshole.

“Does this make up for the Valentine’s Day in college?” I asked as he grabbed my hair. If I knew in college that he would fuck me like this, things might’ve been different that night.

“It’s a start, but it doesn’t make up for Valentine’s Day this year. What did my slut do anyways?” It wasn’t the first time that he called me his slut, but it still caught my attention.

“Nothing special, but ask me about what I did in college?” I didn’t want to tell him about Rachel, but I wanted to tell him about something that showed just how much of a slut that I was.

He paused and turned me just enough so that I could see his face. “I already know. You went out with your girlfriends to a bar and got drunk.”

“And I went home with two guys. They took turns fucking me.”

“You’re such a slut.” Mark’s reaction didn’t require any further words. He pulled back, then thrust his cock as hard as he could into me. He pushed so hard and so fast that it took me by surprise.

He plowed his cock into my ass. He fucked me hard and it hurt at times. I screamed in both pain and pleasure.

He didn’t kept going until he was almost there. Then he pulled out and turned me around. I didn’t have time to react. He stroked his cock once or twice, then took aim at my face.

His cock exploded. More cum than I expected hit my chin, then lips, then cheeks. Cum coated my face, then dripped down on to my cleavage. I felt like such a slut and wore his cum proudly as he inspected me.

“Did I know them?” He asked after I returned from cleaning my face in the bathroom.

“Yes.” I grinned.


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