The Wedding Party (Part 2)

I hate weddings. Every minute of the ceremony reminds me that I’m single and that my clock is ticking. I love wedding parties, the bachelorette parties, the receptions, etc. They make me forget that I’m single and that my clock is ticking.

At the reception Jill, the bride and my best friend from college put me at a table with two hot, single guys. It made up for her forcing me to watch her getting married. They made me laugh, we flirted a lot and danced as the alcohol took effect.

I would’ve taken either back to my room, but towards the end of the reception I couldn’t control my slutty desires. “There’s a bottle of champagne over there.” I said as I pointed towards an empty table. “Should we smuggle that out of here and go back to my room?”

“That sounds like a plan.” Neil said.

Unfortunately, Dave wasn’t as agreeable. He said he had to go back to his room first. He said he would come to my room afterwards, but I didn’t believe him 100%. My theory was that he was going back to call his girlfriend and after that he would forget about me.

Either way, Neil and I smuggled a bottle of champagne and three glasses back to room. There it didn’t take long for us to end up in bed. I planned on starting by warming his cock up with my mouth. Instead, I found myself on the receiving end.

Neil guided me to my back and kissed his way from my neck and through the cleavage exposed from the low cut of my dress. His hands freed my breasts from my bra, playing with them roughly before nibbling on them.

He continued down with his mouth and I pulled my dress up. He continued to increase my heart rate. He kissed my thighs, all around my sheer panties and then across the thin fabric.

He took off my underwear and made the room extremely hot with his tongue and fingers. It was what I needed after the previous night’s teasing. My own fingers had satisfied me temporarily, but I needed more.

He brought me to a deep, moaning orgasm that made me want to do more slutty things. He sat on the edge of the bed and I sat on my knees in front of him, one of my favorite positions.

I had just taken his swollen head in my mouth when there was a knock on the door. I stood up with a grin, I hadn’t expect Dave to join us.

I pulled the door open just far enough to confirm it was him, then opened the door further so that he could see my exposed breasts and Neil sitting on the edge of the bed with a full erection visible. “Perfect timing,” I said. “Want to join Neil on the bed?”

He sat down and I wasted no time turning his semi-hard cock into a complete solid shaft with my mouth. I felt alive. I felt slutty, sexy and in the prime of life.

I used my mouth, lips, tongue and hands to pleasure them. I felt like my mouth was a sex toy for them to use. I went back and forth, bobbing up and down on their shafts until I got the taste of their cum that I craved.

I swallowed both of them and grinned from ear to ear. I felt like a pornstar. I didn’t feel like my day to day self, I felt like the slut that I was. I took everything off except my heels and they looked at me like they couldn’t control themselves.

I found myself on the bed with the two of them attacking me with their mouths and hands. With both of their attentions, I felt like I was in heaven.

Neil climbed on top of me first and I opened my legs for him. He pushed his hardness deep into my wetness and made pleasure grow deep within me.

They took turns fucking me, teasing me, but not giving me their cum that I craved. It was an intense workout that made me sweat and breathe hard. If getting married meant no threesomes or even just a break from them, it’s not something I’m ready for yet. I have too many fantasies that involve more than just one man. I crave multiple cocks. I need it.

I moved into a doggy position and Neil took me from behind, fucking me hard. Each thrust brought me closer to another orgasm. Each thrust shook my whole body with erotic energy. Dave was in front of me and put his cock into my mouth. One of them said, “This isn’t her first time in this position.” I was too busy to pay attention to who said it. If they only knew it was the only way to satisfy my needs tonight and many other nights.

They took turns using my pussy and mouth, never giving me a long break. Not that I wanted a break. This is what I needed. This is what I was made for. I climaxed as Neil fucked my face and Dave drilled my cunt. An orgasm that made moan and scream, probably a little too loud for a hotel room.

“I’m close. I’m going to cum on your face.” Dave said a few minutes later after he paused from a series of hard, rapid thrusts into my mouth.

“Yes,” I said multiple times with moans as Neil drilled his cock into me.

Dave took his cock out of my mouth and aimed it at my face. His cock exploded and cum shot on to my face. The warm, thick liquid hit coated my face from my forehead to my chin, far more cum than I had expected.

Neil fucked me for a little longer, but couldn’t hold back any longer after that. He turned me on to my back, practically throwing me. He put his cock between my tits and fucked my cleavage until his cum fired out of his shaft. He added to the cum already on my face and adding some to my neck. I felt like a complete slut and I loved it.

They left not long after that, leaving me completely satisfied. I could’ve gone for more, but Neil had an early flight and Dave, I think remembered about his girlfriend. Either way, why couldn’t even wedding that I was forced to attend end like this?