Hiking Adventure

Let’s be honest, sex outdoors is nothing new to me. I’ve been having sex outdoors since about two weeks after I started having sex. Sometimes it’s a matter of convenience, sometimes I, him or both of us just can’t wait until we’re someplace more private. A hike interrupted by sex, isn’t new either, but this time was different.

It started before we even left. The boyfriend talked me into wearing something more exciting then just a t-shirt and shorts I planned on wearing. He told me it would really turn him on if I wore just yoga pants and just a sports bra. We compromised, I agreed to the leggings and sports bra, but with a t-shirt on top. Normally, the kind of outfit that I would reserve for the gym or at home. I have the tits, the ass, but I think I’m too curvy for the outfit he imagined.

He talked me out of wearing any panties underneath the pants and I felt almost naked out of my apartment. Part of me felt so sexy, part of me felt like it was a little too revealing, especially inside the coffee shop as we got our breakfast. It also made it hard to think about anything other than sex the entire drive to the head of the hiking trail. It didn’t help that whenever he could, he put his hand on my leg. First just my thigh, then between my legs.

By the time we parked, I craved a quickie. However, the parking lot was full of other hikers. He said if we went deep into the trails, we could find spots where we could be alone.

We hiked for about an hour, seeing less and less people the further we went. It was then, that he convinced me to to take off my top. Did I mentioned that he convinced me using words and fingers inside my pants, between my legs. The way he looked at me, made me feel like the sexiest woman in the state, but at the same time I worried that we might run into someone else.

We didn’t run into anyone else and eventually we took a turn off the trail that led to the top of a small ridge. We laid a blanket down and said it was a good place for lunch. However, before I even set my bag down, we were kissing. He ended up on top of me, his hard cock very noticeable in his shorts and very noticeable when he pressed it between my legs. The thin fabric of my leggings doing little to separate us.

He positioned me so that I was on my hands and knees in front of him. He rubbed his cock between my ass cheeks, I rubbed my ass against him until he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled my pants down to my knees, practically ripping them.

He pushed his shorts and underwear out of the way and wasted no time. He pushed his hardness into me and it took everything in me not to let out a loud moan.

He made it very difficult to keep quiet. He fucked me hard, but it complete control, giving me what makes me feel so good. I had to bite my lip a couple of times, but beyond the sounds of our bare flesh impacting, there was little sound.

He came once in that position, but we weren’t done. I needed more. After lunch, I brought him back to life with my mouth and he repaid me by pushing me on my back and climbing on top of me. He took off my pants, then fucked me like it was our first time.

I came that time. Maybe it was just the right angle. Maybe it was hearing voices in the distance. Either way, I had a powerful, climax that took care of all of the sensual urges that had been filling me since I put on the pants.

He fucked me until he couldn’t hold back any longer. At my request, he pulled out and sprayed his cum on my stomach and between my legs. I cleaned it up with my fingers, then tissues, but I could still feel it after we got dressed and started to clean up our picnic.

Remnants of his cum was still on me and inside of me as we walked past other hikers on our way out. I wondered if any of them had an idea of what we had done. For the other couples our age that were heading out on the trail, I wonder what kind of adventures they were going to have.