24 Hours Of Spring Break

A friend on Twitter made me thinking of this memory. Spring break my sophomore year, myself and three of my girlfriends traveled to the beach for our week with no school. A week filled with alcohol, bikinis, boys chasing us, us chasing boys and alcohol fueled sex. One of those days, I’ll never forget.

Guy #1

It started that morning. Sometime mid-morning, I was awoken to the sounds of my friends in the living room and kitchen. It also woke up the guy that I had met the previous night. Neither of us were ready to get out of bed.

I moved into his arms, our naked bodies pressing together and we started kissing. His hands found my pussy, my hands found his semi-hard cock. I started by stroking him, but it wasn’t long before I was using my mouth.

“You have to stop.” He said after a minute or two of my lips sliding up and down his hard shaft. “You’re going to make me come.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” I said before I kissed his swollen head.

“Yeah, because I want to fuck you again.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I assumed a position on my back with my legs spread. He didn’t waste anytime climbing on top of me and filling me.

While my friends made breakfast and what sounded like making morning drinks, he fucked me. Both of us trying to be as quiet as possible. Slow at first, then faster as he got close. I had to hold my hand across my mouth to not moan out loud.

He came, filling me with cum. He got dressed and left. I got dressed and joined my friends for breakfast. I had a grin on my face and I think all of them knew what had just happened on the other side of the door even if I had been quiet.

Guy #2

I met him on the beach that afternoon. His friend stopped to talk to my friend and I ended up talking to Guy #2. I ended up hitting it off with him, while his friend got shut down.

We hung out for a couple of hours, talking, flirting, drinking. At some point a thunderstorm appeared and the beach emptied. We planned to go to a restaurant to get a late lunch/early dinner. We didn’t make it there right away.

We hid in a condo parking garage as it started to pour. We started making out. Just some innocent kissing and caressing at first. When he slid his hands into my jean shorts, my heart started to pound. He had the kind of body that makes a girl forget about all of her inhibitions, especially when there’s alcohol involved.

His erection became impossible to miss in his shorts. I couldn’t resist it. I wanted to feel it inside of me. Right there, I took off my shorts right there between two cars. I pushed his shorts down to reveal his thick black cock.

I pulled my bikini bottom to the side while he put on a condom. He fucked me against the wall, face to face. The took me from behind, facing away from him with my hands on the wall. He held me tight by wait and drilled me hard and fast, rapid fire. It felt so good. He didn’t stop until the condom was full of cum.

We did eventually make it to the restaurant, but by that time the thunderstorm was long gone.

Guy #3

I met him on the dance floor of a night club that night. I wasn’t even planning on going out. I wanted to stay home and go to bed early, but my friend convenience me to come out. I’m glad she did.

I saw him and suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. Maybe the shots my friends and I did before we went on to the dance floor helped too. Either way, I danced into his arms. Our dancing was anything but innocent. He held me tight and our bodies moved together. Soon, it was like we were fucking, but standing up with our clothes on.

I could feel his erection against me, the thin fabric of my dress and my tiny g-string doing little to separate us. I’d had sex twice already that day, two more times the night before but lust overcame me. We made out and we touched inappropriately. When my friends left to go to another club, we left with them, but we didn’t go to the next club.

We went to his condo instead. As soon as the door closed to his bedroom, my clothes and his clothes started coming off. He ended up on his back with me on top of him, however it wasn’t long before I was taking his hardness in my mouth. I remember he was thick and felt so good between my lips.

I licked, sucked and played with his cock until he couldn’t hold back anymore. His cum filled my mouth, shot after shot of sour, salty, yet delicious cum.

After his orgasm, he wasted no time flipping me on to my back and pushing apart my legs. He licked up and down my thighs, then waist. I told him he didn’t have to. I was thinking that I had been sweating, not to mention he might still taste the condom residue from the guy earlier. I had forgotten about the guy he came in me that morning. But he didn’t stop and I’m glad he didn’t.

He wasn’t like most of the college boys. He made sure I climaxed, before he climbed on top of me pushed his thickness deep inside of me. He knew what he was doing too. He didn’t just drill my pussy. He used his clock to pleasure me.

I came again while riding him a little bit later. He came inside of me a few minutes later after fucking me from behind, filling me with his hot cum.

The third guy I fucked that day, a new record outside of group sex experience. It’s a day I’ll never forget and something I’d like to try again.