Vacation Sex…Without The Boyfriend

I woke up hungover, but that isn’t what woke me up. On the other side of the thin wall, I could hear the bed moving in the other bedroom.

It took me a few seconds to be sure of what I was hearing. Her moaning confirmed it. Jenna, my partner in crime for this road trip wasn’t alone.

I listened to her moans and slid my hand underneath my lace thong. It didn’t take long for me to feel wetness. I was jealous. By car, my boyfriend was 27 hours away.

However, it could’ve been me. She met him at the bar last night. His friend was hitting on me, I could’ve been enjoying the same filling pleasure at that exact moment.

I satisfied myself with my fingers, but I still craved more.

That day was 4th of July. We spent the day hiking, followed by fireworks and beers with new friends at a lodge. I had a buzz and a hot guy that loved mountains, the great outdoors and flirting with me.

It was in between flirting with him, that I was texting my boyfriend. I told him about the mountain man.

“I’ll be he thinks he’s going to get some tonight.” My boyfriend texted me back. I was pretty sure he was drinking too.

“You liked when I was a slut back in college right?” I sent another text after a couple more of strong mixed drinks.

He didn’t respond right away and I worried I might’ve crossed a line, until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. His answer had come. “It turns me on.”

“What I fooled around with this guy?” My heart pounded as I typed the message. My fingers wet with sweat and the condensation from my glass. My body full of desire. “What if I sucked his cock?”

“I’m home now, stroking my dick thinking of you sucking a cock. You’re such a slut.”

I sent another text message in between making out with my new friend and in between him not so discretely groping me on the edge of a dark dance floor. “I may fuck him too.”

We ditched our friends and went on a walk to a scenic view overlooking a lake and the mountains.

We did more than make out there. I lowered myself to my knees and took him in mouth. I felt so slutty. I couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend.

The mountain man returned the favor later in my bedroom. He had me twisting the sheets around my hand as he used his tongue and fingers to release the pleasure building inside of me.

He followed that up by fucking me. He started on top of me. It ended with me on top of him. He brought me to an orgasm, then a few minutes later he filled me with cum. I felt like the cumslut I used to be.

Afterward, I thought we were done for the night, but we couldn’t lay still. We fucked again. This time he finished on top of me. He sprayed his cum all over my tits and stomach. More cum than I expected from a third orgasm.

The next day after he left, I started to worry. What if I had gone too far. What if my boyfriend liked the fantasy of me being a slut, but not the reality. I worried for the rest of the trip. I worried until I saw my boyfriend the night after I got home.

I met him at the door in the lingerie. He practically tackled me into the bedroom and ripped off any form of fabric in his way. He fucked me hard and like an animal until his cum was deposited deep into me.

Then he had me tell him every detail while sucking his cock. How I sucked the other man’s cock. How the other man fucked me. How the other man came in me and on me. My boyfriend ended up fucking my mouth and covering my face with cum.

“I should go on more trips.” I said semi-sarcastically as we lay naked in bed later that night after fucking again.

“As long as you come back and tell me every detail.”

I’m still in shock. It seemed like he gave me the green light.I wasn’t looking forward to my work trip later this month, but now I am.