First Time In Las Vegas

Senior year in college, Alex and I had tried dating for a week or two. However, we never had sex. At that point we made better friends than anything else. After he broke up with his long term girlfriend, he wanted something serious again. I wanted to party and sleep around.

Fast forward to the following year, we were trying to be friends again. We’d go out to dinner together and talk about what happened to all of our friends from college. We’d go out to clubs and get drunk together, but at the end of the night he’d sleep on my couch with nothing ever happening. 

Except Vegas happened.

He was going to Vegas for a conference. Work was paying for his flight, his meals, and his hotel room that was right on the strip. He was supposed to go with his latest girlfriend, but just before the trip, they broke up. Instead he invited me and the flights were cheap, so I couldn’t say no.

However, things were awkward. On the plane, the stewardess assumed we were boyfriend and girlfriend. In Vegas, we wandered through a luxury jewelry store where the rings started at $30K. I dreamed of a man buying me one, just not Alex. At one of the slot machines, I made friends with the girl next to me. At one point, she told me that Alex and I looked cute together. We posed together in pictures like a couple, but at night he slept on his side of the bed and I slept on mine.

At least that was the case until the third night.

That night he took me to a party with an open bar it was somehow related to the conference. We both agreed that we would only have two drinks each before we would go to dinner. Instead, I had more drinks than I could count. He did the same.

We kissed in front of the famous fountains. He didn’t kiss me like I was his long time friend. He’d never kissed me like this before. Later, we made out while we waited in line for an Uber in the hotel. It left little doubt in my mind how this night was going to end. He held me close in the elevator up to our hotel room and I didn’t want to sleep on my side of the bed anymore.

We kissed again in the hotel room, this felt surreal. It was finally just the two of us alone. Was this really finally happening?

I followed him to the bed. Both of us finally on the same side. On the bed we continued our long, lust filled kisses as his hands explored my body. First, his hand on my tank top covered breast, then up my skirt and between my legs. His fingertips rubbing against the satin fabric of my panties.

He pulled down the straps of my tank top and bra, exposing one of my breasts, and then the other. So many guys that he knew from college had seen them, but this was his first time. His look made me feel like a pornstar. His touch, his mouth, and his hands on my nipples made my panties even more wet.

Together, we took off my clothes until I was naked on the bed. I didn’t imagine that I would end up like this with him. I fantasized about it, but never thought it would happen. It felt just right in Vegas. Almost everyone we knew were thousands of miles away. Reality was far away. It was just the two of us having fun.

I didn’t expect him to go down on me, I wanted him to fuck me. But, he pushed my legs apart and put his tongue between my lips. He knew what he was doing with his tongue, fingering me at the same time. The pleasure turned me on even more. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting him to be this good. Most college guys were awkward when it came to providing oral, but now I had another reminder that all too often I had been sleeping with the wrong guys. He brought me to an orgasm with ease. Why had I waited until a drunk night in Vegas?

We made out again, my taste on his lips. All of his clothes came off except his underwear and I ended up on top of him. Our eyes were locked as I rubbed my wet pussy against his hard cock…just the thin fabric of his boxer briefs separating us. We kissed as I teased him. 

I didn’t tease him for long, soon I was off of him, out of the way so I could pull off his underwear. His hard cock was longer and thicker than I had imagined. I reached out and stroked him, eager to pay him back for the pleasure he had just provided me.

Our eyes locked again as I lowered my head between his legs. Then my eyes turned to his cock. I didn’t tease him or start slowly. I opened my mouth and took his hardness between my wet lips. I used my mouth, my lips, tongue and hand to pleasure every inch of his shaft.

When I looked up, he was watching me closely. His eyes filled with lust. With him watching, I lowered my lips almost to the base of his shaft. I took his cock into my throat. I hoped this would be an image he wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

I kept my lips attached to his dick in one way or another, eager to make him cum. However, he had other ideas. He guided me on top of him. I was so horny, that I couldn’t stop myself. Before I could take him in me, he rolled me on to my back. 

I liked this side of him. More dominant than I had expected.

He pushed my legs back and pointed his cock at my lips. I still couldn’t believe this was happening. He rubbed his cock against my lips until I had to beg. “Please put it in me.”

He didn’t answer with words. He pushed his cock deep into me. He filled me and pleasure filled my body. 

We kissed again, as he made love to me. His thrusts strong, but with intention. 

“I can’t believe you’re inside of me.” I said in-between kisses.

“You feel better than I imagined.”

Between the blowjob, teasing and the built up desire, he came relatively quickly. Not too quick, but it wasn’t long before i could tell he was fighting to hold it back. When I saw this, I moaned, “Don’t resist it. Cum inside of me. I want to feel your orgasm in me.”

I had just finished the word “orgasm” when he pushed deep inside of me and his cum flowed into me. Wave after wave filled me.

After bathroom breaks and water chugging, it kind of seemed like we were done for the night. We got into bed together, but of course this time we were right next to each other and completely naked. He held me as we talked.

However, it seemed like we weren’t done just yet. I could feel his erection coming back. 

He fucked me from behind, a twist on a spooning position. While he fucked me, he reached around me, alternating between playing with my tits and fingering me.

He rolled me onto my stomach and took me from behind. I don’t know if I’d ever felt so close to a guy, nor do I know if I’ve ever felt a dick so deep inside of me.

I took a turn on top of him, riding his hard cock, moving my whole body all around on top of it. I loved the way he watched me. The way he looked up at me. He made me feel so sexy.

When I leaned over, my tits were in his face. He first aggressively fondled me, then sucked on my nipples. Right then, I remembered back to the first time I saw him. He had asked to sit down at my table in a meeting for the school newspaper. He actually asked my tits, that were escaping from my low cut shirt, more than me. And now his hands and mouth were finally all over my breasts.

It was in that position that I orgasmed a few minutes later. A powerful orgasm that made me hope that we had thick walls between us and the next hotel room. My moans turned into screams and the pleasure took over my whole body. 

A few minutes after that, Alex came while fucking me from behind doggy style. He wasn’t making love to me anymore. He was slamming his cock into me, and I enjoyed each thrust until he stopped deep inside of me one last time that night. He added to the cum already inside of me and I felt so satisfied.

“Why did we wait so long to do this?” I said after he pulled out of me and we collapsed on the bed next to each other.

“I have no fucking clue.” He grinned.

“We should do this more often.”

“I agree.”

We had sex multiple times the next day, our last full day in Vegas before flying home. We got together more than a few times after that. However, eventually it fizzled out again. We blamed it on him getting a job and moving an hour away.  The truth was he wanted something serious and I wanted more wild nights in places like Vegas.