The Wedding Party (Part 1)

“It’ll be fun.” Jill said. Famous last words.

“Fine.” I took a long sip of my mixed drink to finish it off, then took the exotic dancer’s hand. Why she wanted me to get a lapdance, I’m blaming the alcohol. Why she wanted me to get it with her fiancee, I’m still not 100% sure. She had already bought him one and cheered him on every second. This one was different though.

She led Rob, Jill’s fiancee to the private rooms on the second floor. It wasn’t my first lapdance, but it was my first one in a private room. Off of a lounge area, she led us into a smaller room with a leather sofa and wall to wall mirrors.

It started like any other lap dance where she removed everything but her bra and thong. She was tall, blonde and beautiful with the sexiest accent. She danced on us, grinding her body on us as she took off her remaining clothes. It was a beautiful view, but honestly it didn’t do too much for me. I would’ve loved to have her join me in my hotel room, but I knew this was just a fantasy.

Well until she pulled down the straps on my dress and bra exposing my breasts. She caressed my breasts and my body came alive. She let Rob play with her full, perky breasts as she danced on him and it was impossible to miss his erection.

She danced to her knees and gave him a surprisingly impressive faux blowjob before she moved back to me. This time her hands danced up my legs and into my dress. She pushed it out of the way so that even Rob could see what she was doing. She pretended to lick me which was hot to watch, but when she ran her fingers between my legs, even with my lace panties on I thought I was going to melt.

She slid her finger under the band of panties and I let out of a soft moan. It was just for a second, but enough for lose any and all inhibitions. It wouldn’t take much for her to finger fuck me to an orgasm. I even imagined taking Rob to a bathroom or even the parking lot for a quickie.

Neither of those happened and it wasn’t long before our time was over. I gave her a tip then pulled my dress back up.

“Did you guys have fun?” Jill asked after we returned.

I nodded my head yes.

When I finally got back to my hotel room, I left my clothes on the floor and thought of her as I climbed into the bed. I could still smell her sweet scent and I imagined her there with me. My hands on my own breasts, I imagined were hers. Fingers on one hand pushed deep into my wetness. Fingers on the other hand danced on my clit. I came to a deep a orgasm that filled my body with pleasure thanks to her.