My First Mardi Gras Story

My Mardi Gras story doesn’t involve flashing for beads or getting wasted on Bourbon Street. Those things happened, but if I had lived here or even visited here when I was in college, it probably would’ve been a different story. However, there was a lot to write about this carnival season.

I spent time in bed with Mark, my friend with benefits. I slept with Rachel on more than one occasion. Several of those nights all could’ve been blog posts if I had time to write them. Instead, I want to tell you a different story.

It happened the Saturday before Mardi Gras. Even with showers and thunderstorms, the city was packed and full of energy. Nothing was going to stop New Orleans from having a good time…and well, me neither.

I went out with two friends that had come into town to experience the atmosphere with me, but that night we got separated. Jen went back to my place early…probably to have phone sex with her boyfriend. Lindsay met a guy and probably had her own story to write about.

I ended up at a private party with free drinks and far too many hot guys to choose from. That’s where I met Alex and Sean, two of those many hot guys.

You could blame the alcohol, but I knew from the moment I laid eyes on them, that I wanted them both to fuck me that night. However, I’m not one of those girls that can walk into a party, grab two guys and go someplace to fuck. I wish I was. However, my inhibitions get in the way.

We flirted and I saw the way they checked me out, however, I was trying to be good. I was going for quality of quantity. I had a friend with benefits that keeps me satisfied and I could’ve called him. Plus, I had a female friend that knows how to make me climax with her tongue in all of the right ways. She had a previous engagement that night, but I know that I called her, she would’ve met me back at my place.

However, that’s not what I wanted. I craved two cocks, it was all I could think about as I talked with Alex and Sean. I wanted to feel them both in me. One in my pussy and the other in my mouth. I wanted their cum. I wanted to feel it, to taste and smell it. I wanted to be used by them. I wanted to be their sex toy for the night.

I put off my fantasies for as long as I could. We left the party and went bar hopping. We tried to go to Bourbon Street, but it was too crowded. Instead we ended up in a packed bar near by. I had one guy on either side of me as we stood at the counter and waited for the bartender.

I was squished between them. Sean was on my left, Alex was behind me. Their bodies were pressed against me. Alex not so innocently pressed himself against my ass, his semi-hard cock noticeable. Sean wasn’t as innocent as I initially thought. He was trying to get me to flash the bartender to get his attention. I didn’t even though my lust was making it hard to think straight.

“Do you guys want to go somewhere else?” I asked when it became clear that even with my cleavage exposed in a low cut top that neither male bartender would get to our drinks anytime soon. Well that and for other reasons. I didn’t really need another drink.

“What did you have in mind?” Alex said.

“I’m thinking some place more private.” I said. Blame the alcohol and my out of control lust.

Ten minutes later we were in the lobby of their hotel. Nothing out of the usual until Sean groped me. He was standing behind me as we waited for the elevator and put his hand on my waist. I didn’t stop him and suddenly his hand was on my breast. I took my time pulling it off. The touch made me start to overflow with desire. I felt like everyone in the lobby knew that it wasn’t just a couple and a friend innocently going up to their hotel room. Instead it felt obvious that I was going up there to have a threesome with them.

Less than five minutes after that, I was on the bed with them. A guy on either side me again, except now there was a lot more than just rubbing and groping going on. There was sloppy drunk kisses that reminded me of college. My tank top and bra cups had been pushed up and multiple hands were caressing my tits.

One hand found it’s way between my legs, first massaging me through my jeans, then inside of my pants. It was happening so quick, I could barely keep track of who was doing what. I felt like I was there for their pleasure. My hands found their cocks. I grabbed hold of them and caressed their hardness as the two of them took advantage of me.

I was fingered and it felt good, especially with all of the attention I was receiving, but I wanted more. My body needed more. I craved more. “I want to get fucked.”

I made my announcement and seconds later, they were working together to remove my jeans. I took off the rest of my panties. I laid on my back and opened my legs. I didn’t care who took me first, I just wanted to be penetrated and filled.

Sean pushed his jeans and underwear down his legs, his hard cock pointed in my direction. He was average looking length, but thick and with a large head. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me.

He didn’t make me wait long. He climbed on to the bed and on top of me. I pulled him closer and guided him to my lips. I had a moment of clarity. Was I really doing this? I didn’t know them at all. They were from California and I probably would never see them again. In that way, it wasn’t just like college. There I would see the guys over and over, sometimes in passing on campus, sometimes in my bed.

He pushed into me and filled me with his thickness. He pushed deep into me until he was completely inside of me, then pulled back. His thrusts hard, but controlled.

He fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled out. Alex had undressed and was stroking his cock while he waited his turn. He was just as thick, but longer too. He filled me and I proudly felt like a slut. I had just met them and here I was being used by them. It was my Mardi Gras fantasy come true and it was just getting started.

They took turns fucking me, fucking me hard and fast. They fucked me on my back and they fucked me from behind. At times, I stroked or sucked whichever cock was drilling my pussy. My favorite was being fucked doggy style and having a cock in my mouth at the same time. I feel like my holes are there for their pleasure and I love it. I didn’t care if I orgasmed, I just wanted to make them come.

Alex came in my mouth and Sean on my stomach, but we weren’t done. We were just getting started. Alex came first and by the time Sean came, Alex was ready for more.

At some point he was fucking me from behind. His cock slid out of my cunt after one wild thrust and instead of sliding right back in, he took aim a little higher. My first reaction was to want to jump away. I didn’t have any lubrication and even if I did, he wasn’t giving me any opportunity even if I had some. However I was drunk and all of my inhibitions had long since faded away.

He forced his cock into my tight asshole. It hurt, but not as much as I had expected and quickly the pleasure made me forgot about the pain.

Sean was hard again and he was starting to get onto the bed so that he could put his cock in my mouth again, however, I had another idea. I was drunk enough to say it too. “I want you both inside of me at the same time.”

They didn’t ask me to repeat myself, nor did they hesitate. Sean laid down on the bed. I positioned myself on top of his rock hard cock and slid myself down it. Alex took up position behind me. His cock went in easier this time.

It felt incredible to say the least. The pleasure is more than just doubled. It’s multiplied by one hundred. I could feel both of them inside of me, so close to each other. Each movement sent pleasure through my whole body.

I moaned, then screamed as the orgasm rocked my body. So intense, so powerful. My body went tight, then released. The type of orgasm that doesn’t happen every day. The kind of orgasm to satisfy me for days, maybe weeks.

Seconds later, Sean exploded inside of me. His warm cum filled my cunt. Sean was still orgasming when Alex’s cum shot into my ass. Load after load deposited into my ass. Their cum satisfied me as much as my orgasm.


When I left, I felt like such a slut walking through the lobby and on the street as I waited for my Uber. There was still a lot of people in both areas and I wondered that if anyone could tell that I had just been fucked by two guys and their cum was in me in multiple ways.