Starting Off The Summer With A Bang

Summer started off at the beach, followed up by a house party. I was ready to call it a night after that, but my friend to convinced me to keep going.

I didn’t know where we were going until the Uber stopped in front of a Spanish style McMansion. I had been there for a party with her before. Her boss lived there. Okay, maybe not boss. The owner of the strip club where she worked on the weekends lives there. Sorry gentleman’s club. She hates it when I call it a strip club. And I should mention, he’s not just the boss or owner to her. They were/are having an affair.

I felt like a third wheel when Tim answered the door. When I saw Mark, her actual boss and Neil another manager there, I started to relax. Yes, I sometimes hung out at the club…not as an employee, but I did know them from there and at the party I had previously attended.

A couple more drinks around the kitchen bar helped me relax further and brought back my buzz. I started to picture myself hooking up with Mark, or Neil or maybe both.

When Anna suggested we move outside and into the pool, I did hesitate for a second. I had left my swimsuit at her house. However, I grabbed my drink and followed her.

Outside, she didn’t wait to start stripping out of her clothes. I expected her to stop at her tiny string thong and bra. However, while the guys watched, she left her bra on a lounge chair then turned towards me.

To be fair, they had probably all seen her naked before at her place of employment. I’d seen her naked more than a few times too, but this felt different then just changing in her bedroom before we went out to a club. But this was different.

She has a dream body. She’s tall and lean, with long legs and full, perky breasts. Not to mention the kind of looks that will make guys do anything.

I took a long sip to finish off my drink then pulled off my tank top. I unhooked my bra and not as smoothly as Anna took it off as the boys watched. I have the full, large breasts that can make men buy me drinks, but I’m curvy and have a more athletic build. In other words, I don’t look like a Playboy model like Anna, but the guys seemed just as interested in me as I peeled off my jean shorts.

In just my lace thong, I felt completely naked. My first instinct was to cross my arms across my body. But I didn’t. I let the men check me out and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing them look at me as much as her.

Anna took my hand and together we jumped into the pool. The men, in just their boxers or boxer briefs followed shortly.

We consumed more alcohol, someone brought a bottle of liquor and we all took turns doing shots. We swam, we splashed and we talked.

However, it wasn’t all innocent play. Anna sat on Tim’s lap and they kissed. Mark, Neil and I playfully flirted. At some point, I grabbed both of them between their legs and it was a sign that there were no more rules. In the next few minutes, the both had a turn fondling me. Neil took it a step further and slid a hand into the lace fabric of my thong and fingered me. I felt my body heating up.

I pictured myself finding a bed with both of them until Anna came over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her body against mine. It surprised me to say the least.

“Tim wanted to see us kiss.” And with that we did. I expected a playing around kind of kiss. We had playfully kissed before, after too many shots and a dare at a party. This felt different. The kiss was sensual. Her lips soft and intense. I couldn’t stop myself from reaching up and cupping her breasts in my hand as our kiss became more intense.

The trio of guys cheered us on and Tim suggested that Anna make me orgasm. We just looked at each other and smiled. I ended up sitting on the edge of the pool. She was between my legs and putting on a show. She kissed my thighs, then licked them up and down. My body started to overheat.

She took off my thong and flung it into the pool. Our eyes locked as she slid two fingers into me. She licked, nibbled and didn’t stop until I was on my back, my body arching up as an orgasm exploded within me.

I wanted to return the favor to her, but before I could even sit up Tim had grabbed her and started to suck on her nipples.

At this point things are a little blurry. Blame the shots. I remember having more shots at this point. I also remember kissing both Tim and Anna in the water. Neil and Mark at one point or another, both fingered me. What I don’t remember is moving from the pool, drying off and going to a bedroom.

There I watched Anna giving Neil and Tim blowjobs. I had a feeling this wasn’t the first time that she had been shared like that.

Mark came behind me and pressed his hard erection against me. He didn’t have to say anything. I turned around and got on my knees in front of him.

I wanted to make him orgasm with my mouth, but before I could, Anna grabbed me and pulled me on to the bed. There I finally got to start repaying her. While I did, someone slid their cock into my pussy. I thought it was Tim until I saw him in front of me, pushing his cock into Anna’s mouth.

The guys rotating, taking whatever hole they wanted. They fucked me doggy style while I ate her. They fucked me doggy style while I worked Tim’s cock with my mouth to an orgasm.

I watched Mark pull out and leave his impression in cum on Anna’s stomach and waist. Soon we were kissing, his cum shared with my body.

I was covered in cum, sweat and breathing hard. I’d had some wild nights, but this would be one I would never forget and we weren’t done.

At one point, I was on top of Mark, riding him. Neil came behind me and forced his cock into my ass. It hurt, but the alcohol dulled the pain and soon the pain was replaced by pleasure. The pleasure of feeling two men in me at once, multiplied with each thrust and each movement.

I came with a deep moan. Mark exploded into me, shooting his load deep into me. Tim pulled out and left his cum decorated on my back.


I woke up the next morning sore and so hungover, but still feeling satisfied. I lay in a spare bedroom, the sheets a mess. I felt dirty. I felt like a slut. I wanted them to come back and go another round or two. Around ten, Anna knocked on the door. Not for another round, it was time to go home and back to reality.