Bucket List Sex in Las Vegas

We met at a conference networking event with free drinks. When the free drinks ran out, I went with him and his friends to another bar. Before we left that bar, we were making out.

We shouldn’t have. He had a girlfriend back home. He wasn’t looking for anything more than a one night stand. It was a smaller conference so I knew I would see him after that one night. However, I’d be lying if I said that I wanted anything more than one night too.

When his friends went gambling, Kyle and I went back to my hotel room. We made out in the elevator, intense making out with hands going places they shouldn’t go in an elevator. His cock grew rock hard by the time we got to my floor, and it wasn’t a long ride.

I’m not going to lie, we went straight to the bed once we were in my room. We rolled around the bed making out until clothes started coming off. When my dress came off, he looked me up and down in my lace lingerie and stockings. “I can’t believe my luck.” He said.

“We’re just getting started.”

He stood up next to the bed take off his clothes. I laid on my stomach watching him. I couldn’t believe my luck, toned, muscular figure with just the right amount of muscles. Not too much, but enough to pick me up and throw me onto the bed if he wanted to do that. I couldn’t resist licking my lips.

That got his attention and my mouth was just at the right level after he took off his underwear. He pointed his hard cock towards my mouth and I used my hand to guide him closer.

I didn’t try to tease him. I didn’t start off slowly. I opened my mouth and took his hardness between my lips. I sucked on his swollen head and an inch or two of his shaft. It was like a delicious treat.

My lips slid further and further down his shaft, then I pulled my focus back up closer to his head. I went far down on his shaft to the point that if I went any further I would start to gag. It was enough to make him speechless.

However, I wasn’t speechless when I pulled my lips off of his cock. Blame it on the free alcohol or maybe just me feeling really horny and couldn’t get this image out of my mind. “So, there’s this thing I want to do. I’m going to lay on my back. You’re going to fuck my mouth.”

“Sure.” He said like he had done that a million times, even though I’m pretty sure it was the first.

I turned around and laid down on my back, my head hanging over the side of the bed. From that angle, his cock had the perfect route to my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and he gently slid his cock between my lips.

At first he was careful and moved cautiously. However, when my mouth was empty for a second, I begged him for more.

He started to push deeper into my mouth and even my throat. It made it next to impossible to breathe and I loved it. He gave me short breaks to catch my breath. On the second break, he freed my breasts from the cups of my bra. One hand caressed my breasts, while his other hand guided his cock back into my mouth.

He kept his cock in it for longer, to the point that I started to gag. Then he finally let me get more air. I barely knew this guy, yet he was treating me like his sex slave. I loved it.

I could only handle a minute or two more of that, before I begged for him to fuck me another way. “I want to be fucked in front of the window where anyone can see us.”

“I definitely hit the fucking jackpot.” He said as he helped me to my feet.

I bent over in front of the window, with my hands on the window sill. My room didn’t have the best view in Vegas, but if anyone in a near by hotel looked our way they could see me bent over in my lingerie, tits hanging out of my bra. I hoped at least one person saw us.

He positioned himself behind me and pulled my panties to the side. Then slid his cock into my wetness. He held me waist with both hands and pushed deep into me. 

I moaned as he thrust his cock deep into me. My body shook with each impact of his thrusts. I was in heaven as I looked at other hotel towers looking for other people watching us.

We also fucked on the bed, where he took me from behind first. I was on my stomach, my ass in the air for him. He plowed his cock inside of me over and over, rapid fire.  My moans became louder. The slapping of our bare skin as his body impacted with mine became louder. Heavy breathing from both of us said that we were getting closer.

The second position we did was with me on top. I rode his thick cock wildly. I bounced up and down on him, eager to make him cum, finding the right angle for my body. 

With his cock deep inside of me, his mouth on my nipples, the climax took control of my body. Pleasure filled me and vibrated through me, from my head to my toes. An intense orgasm that left me completely satisfied.

After my orgasm passed and I was able to regain my senses, I realized he hadn’t come yet. I rode him for another minute or two, going as fast as I could on top. I didn’t stop until he closed his eyes and released his cum.

Wave after wave of his hot liquid flowed into me. He filled me with his cum and the cum slut in me was completely satisfied.

I fell onto the bed next to him, both of us breathing hard and coated with sweat. I couldn’t help but wonder if his girlfriend ever made him cum like that.