Friends…or something more?

We were friends in college. We had more than a few classes together. We spent late nights together…working on the school newspaper. We hung out just about every weekend night at the same bars. There was flirting, suggestive looks and maybe a few hugs that lingered too long.

However, for most of that time he had a girlfriend at another school and when he broke up with her, I was already in a relationship with another guy. Not long after that relationship ended, Mark and I were alone in a bar. After a few too many drinks, we kissed.

The night ended with just kissing, some intense kissing, but just kissing none the less. It was a sign of things to come. We went on one official date, which also ended in kissing. We did make out in his car, but he never made a move for anything further.

He treated me like a princess, but I wanted to be treated like a slut. He was looking for something serious, but I had just gotten out of a relationship. I dumped him and our friendship cooled. We should’ve stayed just friends.

We stayed connected via social media after college, but I never thought I would see him again. Maybe at an alumni weekend, but we’d never be close like we were before.

Then work transferred me to New Orleans and a couple of month’s later he moved into town for a new job. At first, we just made promises to see each other. Than a couple of weeks ago, we finally did. We had dinner together, not a date. We spent all of dinner catching up and by the time the check arrived, it felt like old times.

We started hanging out together more often and New Orleans started to feel less lonely. I think, no I know that even though he never said anything he wanted to be more than just friends. If I thought it would’ve been just a fling, I would’ve been interested. I have wondered what he would be like in bed. Would he be boring? Would he treat me like a princess? Or would he fuck me the way I like to be fucked? However, I think he’s looking for something serious. I just didn’t see myself in something serious with him and I didn’t to lead him or hurt him again.

Then last Friday, we went to a music festival. He grabbed my hand as we moved through a crowd so that we wouldn’t get separated. It was a friendly gesture, but the touch sent an erotic energy through my body. Nothing happened, but I’ll admit it made me wonder more what he would be like in bed.

The following day while resting off my hangover, I found out that my ex-boyfriend was married. I searched him on Facebook, I don’t know why, but I did. His bride and him looked perfect together. For further punishment, I Googled his name and found their baby registry. She’s due next month. I’m not still in love with him, but we only broke up two years ago.

That night, was the Saturday before Halloween and New Orleans had Halloween parties and events on every corner. Mark and I started our night at a costume party. I wore a French Maid costume with fishnets, that may have been more appropriate for the bedroom. However, I was in the mood for some attention and honestly compared to some of the costumes I saw that night, it was pretty tame.

I got the attention I craved from Mark and other guys. I felt sexy and didn’t think about my ex and didn’t feel alone. Mark and I danced together at a bar, but I danced with other guys too. However, I kept going back to Mark. At some point we were walking between bars in the French Quarter and the crowd was just too quick to get to the rest of our friends at another bar.

That’s when I looked at him and he looked at me. On the crowded sidewalk we kissed. I didn’t care about the cold. I didn’t care about why it was a bad idea. My body took over, fueled by alcohol. It was a kiss, 100 times better than what I had remembered with him. It was the type of kiss that made me want to do more. When it was over, we looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s skip going to the next bar.” I said. “I’m feeling tired.”


“I don’t want you to sleep on the couch tonight.” On nights when he came downtown to hangout when drinking was involved, he stayed at my place.


“I mean, don’t get any ideas. I just don’t want to be alone.” It was partially the truth.

We started to head back, hand in hand. First we had to walk eight, maybe more blocks to get an Uber. It was more than enough time to reconsider what I was doing, but I didn’t change my mind.

In the car, I imagined what would happen once we got back to my place. As soon as the door shut, I imagined him pinning me against it and kissing me as he ripped off my clothes. Or maybe I would make the first move.

But then reality happened. All alone in my apartment, neither of us made a move. I was having second thoughts. We went through our normal routine, starting with a stop in the kitchen to rehydrate. I imagined him bending me over the counter, but that didn’t happen either.

He followed me into the bedroom, but I left him there to go into the bathroom to get ready for bed. There I changed out of the French Maid costume and into a t-shirt and comfy pants. I gave up on my fantasy of the night. I came out of the bathroom to find him close to being asleep in my bed. The good news was that he was wearing just his t-shirt and boxers and it was a very sexy view.

I climbed into my bed and into his arms. We’d slept together like this before, but not since college. I was close enough to smell his cologne, yet a firm line felt like it separated us.

It was better this way. No one would get hurt. We made better friends than anything else. Why repeat the mistake? Then he kissed me. A soft kiss on my neck that woke me up.

I looked at him, he looked at me. Even in the dark, I could see his eyes and his lust.

“Kiss me.” I said, telling myself that this was a good idea.

He did and it was better than the kiss on the street earlier. It had an effect on my full body, from my lips down. He took me in his arms and held me tight. Our bodies pressed together and as the kiss became more animated, so did our bodies. I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing against him.

His boxers did little to hide his erection. Was I sure I really wanted to do this? My brain wasn’t sure, but my body was. I pushed my body against him.

He took the invite and climbed on top of me. The room started to get warm. It was going to happen.

His hands caressed me, I stroked him and our bodies went through the motion of having sex. I took off my shirt to give him more access to me. He took off his shirt and revealed his tan, toned body. I’d seen him without a shirt before, but that was back in college. He was scrawny then, he’d definitely filled out since then.

I took off his boxers and his thick, long cock greeted me. I wished I’d done this years ago. Together we took off my pants and he took my curves in with his eyes.

“I need you inside of me,” I said, “but I want you to know I’m not looking for anything serious.”

“I’m thinking the same thing.” His brief hesitation left me feeling unconvinced me completely.

“Just sex. Friends with benefits or something like that.”

“Sounds perfect to me.” I still didn’t believe him, but I opened my legs further for him.

He didn’t need me to say anything further. He pressed his hardness against my lips and I guided him into me. He pushed deep into my wetness and I couldn’t believe that after all this time Mark was inside of me.

He started slow and gentle. My mind started to wander. I wanted and needed more. I didn’t want him to fuck me like his girlfriend. After all of these years, I wanted him to show me what I had been missing out on. Normally, I would’ve been silent, but this time I couldn’t stay quiet. “Fuck me hard. Use me.”

He reacted to my words with a hard thrust. He came alive, pulling back and slamming his cock into me. The white gloves were off. He plowed his cock into me, the bed and my whole body shook with each impact. This is what I needed. He didn’t just drill into me either, he knew how to use his cock to make me moan and squirm.

I rolled him off of me and climbed on top of him before he could react. I rode him hard, showing him that I wasn’t some sweet and innocent girl. I wanted to make him climax and went as fast as I could on him.

From that position, I found exactly right angle. I lost myself, rapidly going up and down on his long shaft. His hands tightly on my breasts, his mouth on my nipple sent me over the edge.

I screamed as the orgasm ripped through me, far more intense than I expected. It took control of my body, making me become tight on him.  When I opened my eyes, I giggled…a spontaneous response I only did with some orgasms. I could get used to this.

“Did you cum?” I asked when I came back to earth and realized I hadn’t felt anything from him yet.

“Not yet.”

“How do you want me to make you cum?”

He looked me up and down, my lips, my tits, then down between my legs. “Turn over. Get on your hands and knees for me.”

“My pleasure.” I could get used to that side of him too.

He took me from behind, this time drilling my cunt. I would’ve never imagined him fucking me like this. He kept up the rapid fire until he pushed deep one final time and released himself into me. His hot cum flowed into me, filling me and giving me exactly what I needed.

He collapsed on to me, both of us exhausted. “That was fun.” I said as he wrapped his arms around me.

“It was.”

“I can’t believe I had sex with you finally.”

“Same here. We should’ve done it a long time ago.”

“I agree.”


We fucked again in the morning, then again a couple nights later and I don’t think it was our last time. I don’t know where this is going and I still have concerns about what he wants, but it’s safe to say I’m curious to see what happens next.