A Naughty Run Through The Woods

We had sex that morning before we even got out of bed. We fucked in the shower. You’d think he wouldn’t be horny anymore. I’ll have to admit that I was feeling naughty too.

The weather that morning was a cool seventy-something and perfectly sunny. He knew a hiking trail that would be perfect for a relaxing run. Okay, he runs. I jog.

The trail is a large loop through swamps mostly, but about halfway around there’s a large lake. That’s where we took a break to rehydrate and eat snacks. And well something else.

“Would you fuck me right here?” He said as we sat in the grass, looking across the water.

“No way. There’s too many people on this trail.” Is what I said, but I totally wanted to do it.

“Real quick?”

“You’re never quick.” I smiled.

“What if we went further into the woods?”

“That doesn’t sound too comfortable. All those branches and who knows what else?”

“Standing up?”

I shook my head no. I wanted to, but I also didn’t want to get bit by something off the trail.


“Is there any place more secluded?”

“Not really.”

And that was the end of that conversation. It wasn’t long before we packed up our things and continued on the trail. However, a half mile or so down the trail he took a detour. There was another trail. One that wasn’t marked and wasn’t as well kept. He slowed to a stop, on that trail.

“I didn’t even know this trail was here.” He said.

I looked around, the thick forest hid us from anyone else on the main trail. My mind started to fill with dirty thoughts. There wasn’t a good tree to lean up against for any standing activities. However, the soft grass that was taking back the trail looked like a good cushion for my knees.

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t need to. I lowered myself to my knees in front of him. I took one last look back behind me then reached forward to feel the hardness already growing in his shorts.

He pushed his shorts and his boxers down his hips. I pulled them down to his thighs to expose his cock. I couldn’t stop myself from licking my lips and grinning.

“Let me see your tits?”

Even though we were semi secluded, I didn’t want to delay, but for him I pulled up my tank top and sports bra, freeing my tits. He fondled and caressed me, making me feel like his sex toy.

I didn’t waste anymore time. I reached out and took him in my hands. Then leaned forward and took the tip of swollen head into my mouth. I sucked on it like a sweet candy. I ran my lips up and down his long, thick shaft, kissing and licking him along the way.

I took him in my mouth, this time my lips going past his tip. I took as much of him as I could take in my mouth, before sliding my wet lips back.

I heard voices, but I didn’t stop. I hoped we were far enough the trail. I went faster and faster, massaging him with my hand as my mouth bobbed up and down on his shaft.

The voices were getting closer, but so was he. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to feel it shooting in to my mouth.

Seconds later, he exploded. Thick loads of cum shot into my mouth, filling with his hot, salty sperm.

I pulled down my bra and tank top and stood up as he pulled his shorts back up. There was another couple coming our way.

I swallowed his load as they said hi. How much had they seen?


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