Hotel Secret

I probably should’ve mentioned this before, but I have a thing for older men. I mean, I’ve almost always dated older guys. Sometimes older by a year or two. Sometimes older. I’ve dated, slept with, however you want to describe it, several of my bosses starting with the assistant manager at the mall clothing store I worked at in high school.

Seth isn’t my direct boss, but he is one of the upper management people that I would say is in charge of me. I’ve caught him looking at me, the way bosses shouldn’t look at their employees. At an after hours function we flirted over drinks, but it was innocent.

I thought it was going to stay that way. He never showed any sign that he wanted to it to be anything more than innocent. Plus, our company as an overly strict policy against employees and management dating, fucking, etc. There was a couple in a different department that the company ordered to stop dating or find new jobs.

This week we went to visit a client in a mid-sized mid-west city and it was just the two of us with no one watching us. People looked and sometimes treated us like a couple, but Seth kept it all business. At times it felt like we were on a date, like at a late dinner, but he never did more than peek at my cleavage. I mean we had fun, I felt a connection between us, but still no sign of anything more.

At least until we were in the hotel bar, partaking in a few drinks after a particularly rough day. Some point between drinks three and four he looked at me, I looked at him. We were close enough. We kissed. A kiss full of lust and desire.

After the fourth drink, we left the bar. Inside the elevator, he spoke. “The company has rules.”

“I won’t tell, if you don’t tell.” I feel like I’ve said that more often then most women.

He grinned. I smiled back and we walked towards the rooms. We stopped in front of my door. He pulled me close, kissed me and whispered, “I want to be inside of you, but no one at work can ever find out about this.”

“It’ll be our secret.” I said as I put my hand on his waist, feeling his already growing erection.

Inside of his room, we made out against the wall, against the desk, then on his bed. We kissed, our bodies interlocked and our hands touching each other in ways that would cause human resources to file an complaint.

“There is one more thing.” He said as he pushed erection against my waist and as I undid the buttons on his dress shirt. “I’m not looking to get into a relationship.”

I imagined that he had just gotten out of a relationship and that he wasn’t ready for something serious again. Or maybe he was worried about an on-going romance creating more opportunities for something that human resources to discover. And to tell the truth I wasn’t looking to get into a relationship either. He turned me on and made me feel sexy, and most importantly I wanted him inside of me. Then he dropped a bombshell a few moments later.

“I have a fiancee.” He said after licking my bare thigh up and down. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t know that. I later found out that she lived in a different part of Florida so there was at least one reason I didn’t know about her.

I should’ve ended it right there. Full disclosure, I’ve been the other woman before. However, I’ve also been the one being cheated on a few too many times.

But I didn’t stop it right there. I didn’t have it within me to stop him right before he was going to give me pure pleasure with his tongue and fingers.

By the time he was on top of me, his cock pressing against my wetness, I didn’t care about anything other than what was happening within that room.

We released months of built up looks, lust and desires. He fucked me hard, but paid attention to my moans. I rode him until I orgasmed on top of him, a deep, vibrating orgasm that made me moan too loudly for a hotel room. He came the first time in the same position a few minutes later. He came the second time while fucking me from behind a half hour or so later.

I didn’t feel guilty when we were done. As I lay naked in my bed with him, I felt completely satisfied.

And I wish I could say that it was a one time thing, but the next night found a similar pattern. Plus, since returning home we’ve been exchanging text messages, planning our next secret.