Girl Crush – First Lesbian Experience (Free Preview)

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“Nicole,” Heather said, “truth or dare?”

“Truth.” I said with a giggle.

“Have you ever given a blowjob?”

I hesitated for a second. I didn’t really know the other people sitting around the campfire. I had just met them, including Heather that week. However, based on the other truth questions that had been asked that night and the cheap beer flowing through my bloodstream, it seemed like a good idea to answer the question honestly. “Yes.” I said with a silly grin.

“Oh really?” Tyler, the guy sitting in the folding chair next to me said almost instantly. He had been moving closer to me as the night went on and the beers were consumed, but I felt myself more connected to someone else.

Heather winked at me.

“Truth or dare Nicole?” Alex asked me a few rounds and a few minutes later. He was a little bit older and acted very interested in the third girl there, Kristina, but his eyes kept drifting towards me.

“Truth.” I didn’t exactly trust him to come up with a dare.

“How many guys have you slept with?” Alex asked.

“No way I’m going to answer that.” I said, worried that might number might be higher than anyone else.

“What if we each answer too?” Heather said.

“That’s fair.” I said, then took a sip of the cheap domestic beer that Alex had somehow gotten for our little campground get together. He wasn’t old enough to buy it himself, but he had shown up at the empty campsite with a cooler full of beer, more than enough for the five of us.

“Well how many?” Alex asked, pretending to be annoyed that it was taking me so long to answer.

“You first.” I deflected and took another sip.

“Five.” He said proudly.

“Ten.” I said quickly, hoping we would move quickly on to the next person, however, that brought some ohhs from Alex and Tyler that slowed down the rapid responses I was hoping for.

“Also ten.” Heather said cutting through their boyish cheers. In a lot of the ways she was the blue haired version of me. Instead of blue hair, I had purple highlights that summer. More than that, we had curvy bodies and wore above average bra sizes. She might’ve been a little skinnier, but other than that we looked a lot alike. The way we looked in bikinis at the lakeside beach may have been why Tyler had invited the two of us to their little get together that night.

“Seven.” Kristina said.

“Three.” Tyler answered, “I may need to make that number higher soon.”

“Truth or dare Nicole?” Tyler said when it was his turn to ask someone, more than a few rounds later.

“Dare.” I said and mentally prepared myself to flash my tits or something of that nature.

“I dare you to…” He said then looked around the circle, “I dare you to kiss Heather.”

“Okay.” I said after she smiled at me.

We got up from our chairs and met in the middle. It wasn’t going to be my first time kissing another girl. It wasn’t even my first time kissing another girl while playing truth or dare. It was almost like an old party trick for me. It was something done after too much alcohol was consumed and it didn’t mean anything. Maybe it was done for attention. Maybe it was done to tease or excite the guys watching.

Yet when she put her hand on my face, gently running her finger tips down my cheek, it felt very different. It felt erotic. It created a stirring within me.

I closed my eyes and everything went silent besides the crackling of the fire. Her lips met mind and my heart started to pound and my body started to warm.

Her soft lips and mine mingled. Her lips were electric. It wasn’t like the playful kisses at parties with my friends. She held the back of my head and pushed her mouth on to mine. Her kiss made me breathe heavily and I wanted more.

Except I remembered that she wasn’t the only one here and at the same moment it seemed that she was realizing that too. She pulled back and even though it was over, we both grinned at each other.

At some point, I did get dared to flash my tits. I did and the way Heather looked at me made me want to melt. A few truths later, I took another dare and was dared to go for a walk with Tyler. Yes, we kissed, but it was nothing like the kiss with Heather and yes, felt me up, but I was thinking about Heather the entire time while I was giving him a handjob. I’d never been turned on by another girl, the way I was turned on by her. It was kind of a scary feeling.

Shortly after Tyler and I returned to the campfire, Heather decided to call it a night and we since our parents’ campsites were near to each other, left together. When we got near the RV that my parents were renting for that week, she looked at me.

“We should hang out again soon.” Heather said. She was leaving the next morning, but we had already figured out that she lived only a couple hours away from where I lived.

“I’d like that.” I said not sure if she met as friends or probably as something more than friends. It was territory I had never been in before.”

Thinking about her kept me awake more than the under air conditioned and very uncomfortable fold out bed I was laying on. If I had been alone, I might’ve touched myself. I found women attractive, but this was different. This was more sensual, if not just plain sexual. I couldn’t wait to see her again.

We started texting the very next day, just hours after she left. Yet, it was like I was talking with one of my girl friends, not a girlfriend. We gossiped. I told her about the guys here. She told me about her guy friend there. I’ll admit, I started to get a little jealous when she told me about the things they did together. I felt like we were friends, yet I couldn’t get over the feeling that maybe there was more.

A few days after we started texting, we started making plans to hang out for a weekend. We talked about getting together for a long weekend at her house, but I couldn’t get out of work. It was a part time job, but three of my coworkers at the clothing store had already put on the calendar to not work that weekend. I invited her to my house for another weekend, because I knew there would be two parties. But, she got grounded and we had to scratch that idea. I started to think that we would never be able to get together because school was starting again. I also started to wonder if my crush on her was a one side thing and that she just wanted to be friends.

We kept texting through September, but not as often as we had that summer. She told me about an on again again off again boyfriend. I told her about the guy I was sleeping with. My fantasies about her started to fade away, but I was happy to have her as a friend. I felt like I could talk to her about anything and whenever I was feeling down or depressed, she could make me smile or even laugh.

But then something she asked one night brought back all of my fantasies.

“My parents are going to be away next weekend.” She texted and I felt my heart skip a beat. I was nervous but excited at the same time. Then I read her next text and my mood dropped some. “I was going to have a few friends over. Not a party, just a get together. You could stay here the whole weekend.”

“I’d love that.” I messaged back. But what made me nervous, as well as excited was an image of us alone for a whole weekend. I wasn’t exactly a fan of the few other friends options. However, maybe that was for the better. I was so torn.

Either way, her next texts were giving me all of the details and we were planning the weekend. The next week seemed to drag on forever, but as soon as the bell rang Friday afternoon I drove over to her house instead of heading home. I felt giddy like the last day of school even stuck in traffic on the expressway. I still felt that mix of nervousness and excitement, but I couldn’t wait to see where the weekend went.

The question was answered shortly after Heather opened the front door to let me in. There was a handful of guys and girls there and she introduced me to one of the guys as Brian. She’d talked a lot about Brian and I knew who he was as soon as she said his name. They weren’t boyfriend-girlfriend, but I knew that they had something going on between them that often included sex. I’ll admit that I was a little bit jealous two-fold. He was hot.

I was also introduced to his friend Allen, just as hot and single. There were other guys there that I talked to and flirted with that evening, but as people started to go home, I found myself connected to Allen. Not that I was going to complain. He had the build of a football player and the looks of a future movie star. I don’t know if I would’ve hung out with him if I knew it would be anything more than a weekend get together because he was a little cocky and sure of himself at times. However, I didn’t want to be alone and you can blame the alcohol for that.

Towards the end of the night Heather and Brian headed into her bedroom together, leaving Allen and I alone in the living room. As soon as we heard her bedroom door shut, he moved from the middle of the couch where he was sitting to the end of the couch and he kissed me.

It was a strong, powerful kiss, but not the kind of kiss to write home about. It was awkward and sloppy. The awkwardness and sloppiness continued when we moved into the spare bedroom where I was sleeping for the night. He fumbled with my shirt, then needed my help with my bra. Nothing else came off, although it wasn’t for the lack of him trying.

I did end up giving him a blowjob and to be fair, it was probably awkward and sloppy too. Yet, he didn’t complain.

Shortly after that, he passed out, but I was wide awake. It was then that I heard noise from the other side of the wall, from Heather’s bedroom. First it was soft moaning, then louder and louder. Soon, I heard the sound of what I guessed was her bed slamming against the wall rapid fire like.

My first thought was that I was jealous of Heather. It sounded like her experience was a lot more satisfying than mine. However, I felt another feeling. I was jealous of Brian. I wished that I could be the one pleasuring her and making her moan like that. Yes, I found some women attractive, but this was a different feeling. This was new. This was more than an attraction. I wanted to kiss her again. I wanted to do a lot more than just kiss her. I’d never felt that way about another girl before. I’d been curious, but this was more than a curiosity.

We were alone the next day, but I wasn’t sure how she felt about me. I felt her looking at me at times, but I was too scared to do anything even when we were almost right next to each other on the couch watching a movie on Netflix.

That night she hosted another small get together. Allen wasn’t there, but Brian was again and I definitely felt jealous. I wanted to be the one that put my hand on her thigh on the couch. I wanted to be the one that she disappeared into the bedroom with. I didn’t hear her that night, but that didn’t make me think or fantasize about her any less.

From that weekend on, we started to spend at least part of the weekend together, if not all of it. My parents didn’t mind if she slept over and didn’t mind if I slept over at her place. Yet we never got much sleep. Her parents didn’t have a curfew for her, my parents didn’t mind if I stayed out a little late with her.

We spent nights chasing guys, parties, flirting with them and often fooling around with them. Sexually, we were so alike. However, there weren’t any other nights where guys were sleeping over. Yes, we both on occasions fooled around with them, sometimes having sex, but when it came time to crawl into bed to go to sleep it was just me and her.

At her parent’s house, I wasn’t sleeping in the spare bedroom any longer. We were sharing a bed. The same thing at my place and I only had a small twin bed. At both locations, we often slept side by side, our bodies touching, sometimes our arms wrapped around each other, but never more. It was as intimate as it could be without kissing and I came to the conclusion that we were just friends. That wasn’t a bad thing I felt like I had a best friend now, a partner in crime and we had a lot of fun together.

Except one night, something else happened. It was New Year’s Eve and she invited me to spend it with her, or I should say she invited me to go to a house party with her. The party could’ve been at her place because her parents were out of town again, but instead we went to a house around the corner from hers.

The party was with most kids that went to her school or had graduated it and were back from college. It was her friends, but I had been to enough parties and get-togethers with her to know at least half of them, maybe more. However, there was one guy that I had never seen before. He looked older so I assumed that he was one of the college guys back in town for the holidays.

He was cute, but with a shaved head so he looked kind of like a bad boy. Definitely my type and I kept seeing him looking my way as he talked to his friends.

It was nearing midnight and I didn’t want to be alone when the ball dropped on television. In the kitchen, I saw Heather talking to a guy that she had told me had a crush on her. I had a feeling I knew who she would be kissing at midnight. I looked back towards the bad boy and he looked like he was going to come my way. He started to walk to my side of the living room and that’s when I felt a hand on my waist, a soft, feminine arm wrapped behind me.

“I think he likes you.” Heather whispered into my ear.

“I think so too.” I said with a grin.

“But stay away from him.” She said and took her arm away from me.

“Why?” I asked. My grin was gone.

“He’ll fuck you and tell everyone about it.”


“And the worst part is that he’s not very good.”

He saw Heather talking to me and he changed direction. It looked like I was going to be alone at midnight and my mood changed direction too.

Heather was getting checked out by a lot of guys there. There was snow on the ground outside, but she was only wearing a tight black tank top with lace around the neckline, short schoolgirl mini-skirt, and sheer black stockings with white stripes near the top that almost looked like knee high socks. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of her and were practically fighting for a turn to talk to her.

Her outfit made my outfit choice look tame. I had on a sweater that clung to my curves, but didn’t compare to the skin she was showing. And my mini-skirt looked just downright boring compared to hers. She had convinced me to borrow a pair of her black stockings that I’ll admit did more than just keep my legs warm. The knee-high leather boots did that. Wearing the stockings made me feel so sexy.

To be honest, I didn’t have a shortage of guys flirting with me that night, but seeing her dressed like that was distracting. Everything about her was just so sensual and it wasn’t just her outfit. It was the way she grinned at a guy that wanted to get into her panties. It was the way she talked, even if she was talking about the weather, it was sexual.

I had a feeling that night, I would be laying in the spare bedroom hearing her moaning while one of the lucky guys at this party slammed his cock into her. If I wanted to, I could probably find myself with my legs spread and getting fucked too, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted that. Maybe, I would enjoy some personal time, satisfying myself while listening to her.

Then Heather said something that surprised me. It was almost like she was reading my mind.

“Want to leave?” Heather asked what felt like out of the blue.


“Him.” She said looking at the shaved head not-so romeo. “And now my ex is here with his new girlfriend.”

“Let’s get out of here.” I said without a hesitation. If I was in her shoes, I knew she would do the same for me. Also, I assumed she knew of another party.

We refilled our red plastic cups, then disappeared without saying good-bye to anyone. I was finally alone with her, but I knew we were just friends and to be honest, my little school girl crush had faded away.

“Are you curious?” She said about halfway on the short walk back to her house.

“About what?” I said without a clue what she was talking about.

“About being with another woman.”

“Oh.” I said without thinking. Suddenly my body started to feel like it was going to overheat even though the temperature outside was close to freezing.

“Have you before?”

“No.” I said, shaking my head. Not sure what to say. My brain was going a million miles a minute, but I was almost speechless.

“Would you want to?” She said, as we turned the corner and could see her house.

“Yeah.” I said, sounding awkward and shy. I never in a million years thought that she or any girl would ask me a question like that.

I followed her into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. There might’ve been more conversation, but for me it was a surreal blur. She took my red cup and placed both of them on her dresser. Was this really happening? It was like slow motion when she turned to look at me again, but it was all happening so fast at the same time.

She moved towards me and I could smell her sweet, fruity perfume. She took me in her arms and I wrapped my arms around her. Our soft, plush bodies pressed together. Our eyes locked. I thought about the time by the campfire. I knew all of the guys back at the party wished they could see this.

We kissed. It was a soft, hesitant kiss. I wasn’t the only one nervous. I was more nervous than the night I lost my virginity.

It was a quick kiss, then we both pulled back and looked each other. She giggled. I smiled, then she kissed me again. This kiss was more like the kiss by the campfire. Then it became more. So much more intense. I felt her soft lips. I felt her tongue. I started to melt. She was so soft, so smooth. It wasn’t like kissing a guy at all.

We moved to the bed, were we kept kissing. It was intense, but it was slow. Neither of us were in a rush. I was on my back with my legs open. She was between my legs, on top of me. It was better than I had ever fantasized about.

Her hand was on my side, then massaging my hip. I got nervous again. She ran it up my leg, then under my skirt. I went to school with girls who I knew were bi, I had lesbian friends, but this felt so taboo. I know it’s silly, but I felt like I was crossing a line.

I held my breath as she put her hand between my legs, her finger tips softly rubbing my lace panties. Softly she rubbed me as we kissed. Her finger tips made me incredibly wet. My breathing became heavy. Never had I felt a touch so erotic.

“Have you ever with another girl?” She asked.

I shook my head no. “Have you?”

“Yes and don’t worry, you’re going to enjoy it. I promise it’ll be better than when you lost your virginity with a guy.”

That put a smile on my face. Her finger tips sliding underneath the thin fabric of my panties made me smile even more. She ran her fingers between my lips, then slid two fingers into my wetness as she kissed me again. My breathing started to get louder…

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