A Night To Remember (Part 1)

After the hot coworker and after my move things have been quiet. There’s been dates, texting and what not, but nothing that led anywhere. I was unintentionally celibate. Every guy I went on a date wasn’t what I was looking for. Work probably got in the way of me meeting a lot more. Maybe I was depressed or maybe I was holding out for someone so perfect that they didn’t exist.

I joined a gym near my apartment and it was probably the main reason I left my house besides work on a regular basis. It was there that I met them. They were part of the 6 a.m. regulars. I’ll admit I had a crush on him and imagined his toned body naked in my bed as I ran on the treadmill. However, it was her that I became friends with at the free weights.

She invited me out a few times. I never really said no, but work kept getting in the way. Finally she made me keep my calendar free for a girl’s night out. We went to dinner, than a chick flick that her boyfriend refused to see and planned to end it there. However, when the movie ended neither of us were ready to call it a night.

We ended up a bar, getting hit on by businessmen in town for some conference and the two of us when not interrupted getting to know each other. We talked about our jobs, places we’ve traveled and boyfriends.

At some point a guy was hitting on me and she put her hand on mine. Maybe out of support for me or to make it look like I was taken or for another reason. That touch and the way we looked into each other’s eyes made my body alive.

After a few too many drinks and a few too many guys hitting on us, we left. Our initial plan was to go to another bar. Instead we kissed right there on the sidewalk where anyone could see. A kiss that could mean only one thing. After that kiss we mutually decided to go someplace more private. She invited me back to her place.

“We’ll be alone there.” She said. “My boyfriend is at his house tonight…unless you don’t want to be alone.”

“We don’t have to be alone.” I said. My body needed her. I also wanted her boyfriend. I craved her lips on me and his cock deep inside of me.

She grinned at me, maybe not expecting that response.

In the Uber to her place, she texted her boyfriend, but her focus was on me. Where the driver couldn’t see, she ran her fingers, then hand up and down my thigh. It increased that craving within me.

Inside her apartment, we didn’t make it past living room. We sat on the couch and immediately kissed again, this time a longer, more passionate kiss.

That kiss turned into a lot more. First a passionate embrace, than our hands exploring. Her touch gentle, feminine, but aggressive. I almost melted down when she groped me, her touch so sensual.

She ended up on top of me, our passion burning out of control. All our clothes on, but our bodies moving together like a man and a woman having sex. I imagined her with a strap on fucking me.

She pulled up my shirt, then I pulled down the cups of my bra so she could access my breasts. Her mouth wasn’t gentle on my nipples. I felt her breasts, cupping them. Her breasts a perfect handful and such a turn on to touch. So erotic and even though bisexuality is completely socially acceptable, it felt taboo.

We took our time, but eventually my shorts and lace panties came off next. She fingered me as we kissed. She knew what she was doing, touching me in ways that made my body overflow with lust.

I wanted to go down on her first, but didn’t fit her too hard when she moved between my legs. She kissed my thighs, then licked them, pretending she was teasing me. However, we were so caught up in passion that she didn’t wait long before she kissed my lips. She explored them with lips, then tongue.

Again, she clearly know what she was doing. Her mouth locked against my lips, her tongue expertly making me moan.

I was almost at a climax when we heard keys at the door. We both looked at the door, then each other, but she didn’t stop. She went faster, almost too fast.

The door opened and her boyfriend walked in. He closed the door behind himself and then looked at us. I had a distinct feeling this wasn’t first time he’d seen his girlfriend in that position.

He sat in the chair next to the couch and took in the action. His eyes watching her, then coming over to me. The way he looked at me and his girlfriend’s tongue sent me over the edge. My body became tight, then released as the orgasm swept through me. It was a powerful orgasm, deeper than anything I had been able to do on my own with my toys.

After my orgasm faded away, she sat up and licked her lips clean. Then she spoke to her boyfriend. “Hi, honey. Want to join us?”