Her Best Friend’s Dad (Excerpt From A Short Story)

Writing is a way that I confess a lot of the sluttiest, naughtiest things that I’ve done. If you’ve read my blog or now my ebooks, you know secrets that even my closest friends don’t know. And now I have another secret to confess to you.

In my latest short story ebook, I tell the story of my high school friend’s dad. A story she never knew and I won’t ever tell her. But now you can enjoy every detail of the first two times we had mind-blowing, cum filled sex. Read the full short story on Amazon.

At Julie’s birthday dinner, I kept catching him looking at me across the restaurant table…his girlfriend wasn’t there. It wasn’t just my imagination. His eyes keep sneaking peeks into the cleavage that escaped from my red top. I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes. I was so turned on, but didn’t think anything would happen until we were the last two to leave the restaurant. Julie’s grandparent’s left first. Then Julie left with her boyfriend. Mr. Hall and I walked out together.

As we walked out, the hostess thanked him and then looked at me. The way she looked at me said that she wasn’t sure if I was his daughter or girlfriend. I imagined I was his girlfriend. I fantasized about that.

“Thank you for dinner,” I said as we walked into the parking lot.

“It was my pleasure.” The way he said it seemed to have the tone as something more than just dinner. But that could’ve just been my imagination. “Are you parked here?” He said while gesturing to the still mostly full restaurant parking lot.

“No such luck,” I said. “It was full when I got here. I’m in the garage around the corner.”

“Want me to walk you there?”

“Sure,” I said. It was dark, the street was empty and it was a nice gesture. However, for me, I just didn’t want to say goodnight to him yet.

Apparently, he didn’t want to say goodnight yet either. We were all alone on the third floor of the parking garage. My car was the only car still parked there. I was leaning against my car as we were talking My heart was pounding with the way he looked at me. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted to kiss him.

He moved closer and my body temperature rose. But he didn’t kiss me. He put his hand on my side. His touch was erotic. “Remember that night you came into my room?”

I nodded my head yes. Did he want a blowjob right here? Did he want to go back to his place? Julie wouldn’t be there. She was going to a movie with her boyfriend and staying at her mom’s house after that.

“I want to do things with you, but no one can ever find out.”

“I’d never tell anyone.”

“I had a feeling you might agree to that.” It seemed like he wanted to say more. Like he wanted to say that I was a good girl or a good slut. I didn’t understand the feeling then, but looking back now I can say I felt so submissive with him.

His hand moved from my side to my breast. I felt like I was going to melt. The touch was so sensual. It crossed so many lines. If Julie found out about this, it would be so bad. If anyone found out about this…

“I want to fuck you so bad.” His hand moved up to my neck. He put his thumb over my lips and I gently sucked on the tip.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” I said softly, hoping I sounded sensual.

He caressed me, he squeezed my breasts. I reached between his legs and rubbed the very noticeable bulge in his pants. Was this really happening? It was like something out of a fantasy.

“Unlock your car.” He said and I hit the button the key fob that did that.

He opened the door for me and guided me into the backseat. I was on my back, not a new position for me, but this felt very different.

My legs were open, and my black skirt bunched up around my waist exposing my black panties and the lace top of my stockings. I felt so sexy and so slutty. I was giddy.

“We have to be quick this time.” He said.

“This time?” I smiled.

He grinned back as he pushed my top out of the way and played with my satin and lace bra. I still couldn’t believe he was touching me like this or that this was even happening.

He pulled my panties to the side and slid two fingers into me. I was wet, to begin with, but his fingers made me soaking wet. I fantasized, but never in a million years thought that he would be fingering me and of course it was just the beginning.

He stood up, looked around to confirm that we were still alone, and pushed his pants just far enough down to reveal his long, thick cock. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me and he didn’t make me wait long.

He positioned the tip of his cock against my lips and pushed into me. Holy shit! This was happening.

We didn’t start slowly. He didn’t take his time. He soon started to drive into my wetness. He slammed his cock into me. It felt so good. It felt surreal to be getting fucked by him. I started to moan and breathe heavily.

And that’s just the first time we had sex. Read the full sex scene, as well as the second time we had sex when we had more time to completely enjoy ourselves on Amazon.