Nicole Keleigh

Her First Married Man

Based on a true story:
I mostly stopped babysitting after I got my first part job, besides for a few families there were friends of my family, paid well or in one case the father was really hot, they paid much more than my part job and they were friends of my family.

He was at least twice my age, but that didn’t stop us from flirting when his wife wasn’t around. It was innocent flirting at first.

Often it would be Mr. Davis checking me out, but I never wore anything spectacularly sexy. Most often I wore yoga pants, sometimes running shorts. Usually, I wore some sort of t-shirt, maybe a tank top during the summer. I pretended not to notice him checking out my curves, but I’ll admit that I liked the attention.

I never thought that anything would happen until one night when his wife was away on a business trip. He made an offer that my brain wanted to say no to, but my body had a hard time resisting.

Found out what happened and discover just how naughty it got. If you want to hear all of the slutty details, this story is for you.

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