Cheating In Vegas
Nicole Keleigh

Cheating In Vegas

Emily loves her husband, but he’s more into his work than he is into her. They rarely have sex and when they do, it’s usually just her going through the motions. It’s often over in a minute or two with him prematurely coming and not thinking about her needs.

When he’s working late into the night, she’ll take care of her own needs, but she fantasizes about more. Her current fantasies circles around one of her coworkers. He’s the hot head of sales that all of her female workers have crushes on.

For Emily, she never thought it would be more than an innocent crush into a work event filled with alcohol led to a brief, but sensual brush.

Fast forward a few months and it’s just the two of them on a work trip to Las Vegas for a business conference. He’s the perfect gentlemen, but she can’t stop imagining what it would be like if she wasn’t married. Their trip feels like one long date, at least in her fantasy.

With one night left in Vegas before they have to return to the real world, her fantasy is coming to an end. However, after a few drinks at a post-conference party, she’s having a hard time controlling her desires.

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